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I'm sure this will have been discussed before, but interested in peoples thoughts on ideal warm-up routines immediately prior to a race (let's us a 10km road race as an example).

At present, I tend to Stretch out a bit, and maybe jog up and down a bit (more to dispel nervous energy than for any specific physiological reason).

Can anyone share any wisdom on what would be an ideal pre-race preparation?


  • For me, the first 5k of every run is a warm-up and there's no point putting my trainers on for anything shorter.
  • I jog lightly for 5-10 mins, increase the pace a little briefly, rest, then do strides. Don't tend to stretch much except my back.
  • The shorter the distance the longer the warm up that the general rule of thumb. At the London Marathon I watched the elite just run short fast strides to warm up their muscles and get their heart rate up. If they where racing a 10k at least a slow two mile warm up. Just as important to warm down even if its a good fast walk. What you must not do is drain your batteries before the race!
  • should always jog before stretching it is the blutack effect, much less likely to go ping when warm. So jog for 5-10 mins, light stretch strides to get HR up and get to start a couple of mins before start, not very practical in big events as you would be right at the back
  • Ideally 1 mile jog, 1 mile steady to increase HR then 5 x 100m strides. Rarely do all this as too nervous.
  • I try & run for about 10min where I gradually increase speed from a jog to steady running. This is followed by 4 or 5 x 70m strides at about race pace. I would do more strides for shorter races.
  • Thanks for your thoughts - I'll be trying this out in a few weeks... looking to shave about 30 seconds off my 10k pb to take me sub-40, so happy to experiment.
  • My ideal warm up (like I used to do at short track races)

    15 mins warm up (very slow running)
    10-15 mins stretching (yes there do exist that many different exercises)
    10-15 mins technical running and at the end 3 x 80m accelerations

    But I would never take so much time for a road race. But the best way not to get to nervous is having a routine that you stick to every time.
  • Rocks if you live close enough can I suggest the Birchwood 10k in August. This is a PB course as long as it is not too warm. Another cracker for PB's is the clitheroe 10k which is the end of December which is never warm. Going for PB's it is always better to race fast course's as long as they have been measured and certified.
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