crunchy knees :-( help!

Hi Folks,

I have been running since April this year (inspired by colleagues doing FLM).. Things going ok, and I have two 10k races coming up in September. Been following the RW training schedules for 10k race, and I am now increasing long run distances on sundays to about 6 miles. (previously done 3 miles, 3 or 4 x week, no problems, and did 4 mile last week ok)

Did a 6 mile run on Sunday, really enjoyed it. Hard work during mile 5 - all up hill, so did 1 min walk / 1 min run all way home from there. It took me 74 minutes, so not going fast at all.

Once I got home my left knee began to swell a bit - not much and it didn't hurt, just felt a bit warm. (My knees have been 'crunchy' for years really, and do creak when I stand up sometimes!)

I am going to rest it for a few days, but obviously am concerned about impending races, knees and how to prevent injury in the future.

Please help - I am not sure if I should just stop running completely or what :-(

from a sad 'go-slow'


  • I guess that depends on how badly it reacted. You could put an ice pack on it after running and take some Ibuprofen which will reduce your problems but only do that if you are certain it is only minor. If not have it looked at now before it becomes a big problem.

    These races in September are not in the long term important as you have only been running since April - you have all your running life ahead of you to don't worry about a short term goal that needs to be re-scheduled. The key for now is to keep running until it becomes a habit.
  • Hello GS,

    Probably the best thing would be to see a doctor or physio. I had a similar problem pre FLM and I've also had 'crunchy' knees for years. My problem was cholondrmycia patella (sp) or runners knee. The GP and physio bith said that if I continued running, I probably wouldn't do any long term damage. However, I was given some exercises, such as squats and lunges but also leg extensions. All these are designed to strengthen you quadriceps, which in turn protect and gude the knee in its travel.

    I would suggest these ecxercise might be a good thing in any case so give it a whirl.

    Still see a sympathetic GP soon though.

    Also, as Mij says, think long term.

    All the best,

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Go-Slow,

    I've got one crunchy knee which is the result of an old horse-riding accident. I saw a Physio a few weeks ago and she manipulated the knee and gave me some exercises, as suggested by RB. It still crunches a bit, but not as much so I'm hoping it's helped.

    I'd definitely get yours looked at though, just for peace of mind.
  • Hi Mij, Ratbag and Redhead,

    Thanks for your advice. I shall lay off the running until I get to see the doc on friday. I hope it won't be something too drastic... I have a friend who does sport injury massage so may give them a call too.

    I think I may have mis-judged the distance of my long run, and ended up over doing it abit... Shall have to re-measure the distance and go back a week or two to build up the distance again.

    Thanks again..

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