Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!

My birthday today!

No training in prep for long run tomorrow!

Could be a problem - going out on the p155 tonight! Mega hangover in prospect!


  • Noooooo
    Why didnt you bloody TELL us
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
    Bugger the long run, or do a short one firs
  • Thanks Benz!

    I mentioned it all over the place - every time someone said they had a birthday, I've been saying that it's mine on the 28th!

    It doesn't matter anyhow - you wished me a happy birthday about five past midnight!!!
  • Happy Birthday Iain!
  • Nite BGA
  • Thanks Big Gay Al!

    Didn't know you were on the forums - thought it was just me, Benz, Bune and Evil Pixie in Health+ Injury.

    I've just registered for the moonwalk - 26.2 miles in a bra. Fancy it?

    Moon Walk

    Off to bed now - cheers!

  • Happy birthday Iain - go for 40minsor whatever today then have a stonkin night out then you can wallow on sunday!
  • hello all FFFers!

    I just got back on the PC after my mother had been up til 1am doing the shopping online (!) and read all of yesterday's thread! you naughty lot ;) I'm not "scared" though, far from it :) (if i ever don't post on here for a long period of time it simply means i'm not on the Forums :) )

    I like that bloke's underwear site, bet it costs a fortune tho! never mind ;)

    and I would be happy to go as Rocky - might have to shave my legs, chest etc though! i'm not Robin Williamsesque or anything but have a bit of hair! lol :)

    ps: iain: this does not mean i get to be your b*tch though mate. sorry :o ;) LOL

    "see" you all later today ;)
  • oh btw, for anyone that doesn't know me: reference the above post. i'm visiting my parents for xmas. i don't still live with mummy (don't think i could hack it nowadays!!) ;)
  • oh and finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAIN! Have a good one mate :)

    (edit, edit, my kingdom for a post edit function!)
  • Cheers Psi!

    Out of interest, how did you choose your bra size? I hadn't the foggiest of how to do it.

    Shave the old chest eh? Might be a good idea for me - see my other thread on getting Micropore tape to stick! (Could hyperlink to it but I can't be @rsed!)'s just a jump to the left...
  • Happy Birthday, Iain!!

    (((-: Celebrate :-)))

  • Happy Birthday Iain
    re bra size - measure round your chest and add 6 inches (I think) to give you the number part, then decide how much stuffing you want - A or B cup = lemons/satsumas, C = oranges, D = grapefruit, etc
    Is that any help!! - and if it's too big/small we can always do something to adjust it so don't worry!!
  • Cheers Wee Piglet, cheers Fraggle :-)

    My chest is 38 inches unexpanded, so add 6 and I'm too big already!

    I went for the 42B - cup size was tricky! I tried to think back the old girlfriends but I'm not quite sure if that works anyway! If the cups are too big I can fill them with newspaper or something.

    Hope it's a wonderbra - can see if I can get a cleavage then!
  • Oh Christ I can't believe I said that!

    PLEASE give us back the edit function!
  • Morning all!
  • Happy Birthday Iaiaiain!!!
  • afternoon
    Stayed in bed till 11 today
    Blissfuls sleeeeeeeeeeep
  • hellp peeps

    serious attack of the CBA's today - cried off from Hockey (just a interclub friendly tho) because i just C B A!

    mince pies are calling my name -
  • Naughty bune
    Hope you enjoy the pies
    its sunny here, think i should do my long run today
  • And ive run 700 miles this year so far
  • Hello again,

    I've not been around for what feels like months. Blame it on the new job, new baby, christmas and Mrs Filbert who was becoming slightly grouchy about the amount of time I was spending on-line.

    Still, here I am, still running, still eating and still trying to make one out-do the other ;-)

    Don't know how often i'll be around from now on, but hopefully be able to keep dipping in from time to time.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all forumites, old and new and happy birthday Iain.
  • Happy Birthday Iain!

    Mine (not 40th) is in a couple of days time.

    I will not be able to run for a while so will probably not be around as much, or I might as I will have more time!

    Best wishes to all.

  • 70 mins run /walk
    6.13 on underestimating pedometer
  • Cheers Fi!

    Birthday going well so far - just going a bit frantic trying to get all the cooking sorted out and stuff!

    Wait till I tell the guests about my ventures into women's clothing!!
  • What are you cooking?
  • well done benz thats a virtual 10k

    i mean its virtually 10k not its unreal

    or maybe it is unreal?
  • benz. sorry to change the subject. What marathon did you do this year?
  • Hi Chimp. It's all very quiet at the mo isn't it?
  • Tis a bit Sassie. You tried doing hyperlinks yet?? They've been all the rage this christmas.
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