Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • feck too!!
    dukebox is playing the Eternal, and TV is playing that music from the Omen

    any young DJs out there?
  • ??????????
    you ok mate?
  • Pickled onion was wonderful! I've not had them for years.

    D'you remember when all the weird and wonderful flavours suddenly arrived? Of all of those, the only ones that I still see regularly are prawn cocktail.

    As well as actual crisps, I particularly like S&V twists. They're extremely yummy. I've only recently been able to get hold of them here - previously I could only get them in London. For a year I was a student in London, and used to carry home multiple packs of S&V twists from the Waitrose on the Kings Road to my accommodation in Cheyne Walk (those were the days...!)
  • Kings road, Monsoon and M+S
    I miss waitrose, but there will be one where im moving
  • waitrose has just been awarded a Royal Warrant, you know :)
  • I like Waitrose: we don't have them here.

    When are you moving, Benz? Are you excited about the new job?
  • I love waitrose
    I spend LOADS in there
    I used to live within 2 miles of one, sob
  • this means waitrose's own-brand stuff will have the coats of arms on it!!

    funny thought :)
  • WP, i have to find somewhere to live, and hubby being awkward
    and i think i got the job to boost morale
    but yes, its a new start
    Movins in March
  • fine thanks - BZ - white wine and soda all night - though just run out of soda!

    er Bune I think likes Joy Division and I have them on't dukebox at home and the track came up just as she was going and what with the other music it struck me as a good combination to remix/combine - like Puff Daddy and that orchestral piece, and it might have been a synchroicity and stuff

    I hope I've expained myself!!
  • yes you have SM - don't worry ;)

    benz - thought you'd already sorted somewhere to live! :o
  • Music pleb me
    Flirt with classical, and listen to pop
    bed now sweeties
    nite nite
  • WP, no i aint
  • Benz - I'm sorry to hear your hubby is being awkward :-( I hope the new job does boost morale. It certainly sounds exciting, and very challenging!

    I hope the house finding/selling goes well. It can be a bit of a nightmare, of course, but then again it can be very exciting to move to a new place :)
  • Bollox, hope i can sleep now
  • Night, Benz. Sleep well - milky drink?? :)
  • I have to rent first
    he cant move till July
    Im sure it will come out in the wash
  • WP, having thought about the move, im now anxious
    oh well
  • Im off anyway
    njoy the rest of the evening you lot
  • Errr we should do 300 for iain
  • Cmon guys, im not posting 10 in a row
  • It'll be ok, Benz - at times like that, when I'm sweating about difficult things on the horizon, I remind myself that this time in x hours/days/months/whatever I'll still be here and the scarey stuff will be over (replaced by new scarey stuff, no doubt). It probably sounds a bit daft, but I have found that it helps. I suppose it's the recognition that despite local difficulty time marches inexorably on... Try not to worry :)
  • Thanks WP
  • Sorry, Benz - I didn't mean to make you think of scarey stuff at bed time :-( Let's get back on to comfy ground! How about mince pies?? :)

    Hey, you're doing London this year, right? I'm hoping to as well. Hoping to get confirmation of a place when I get back to work. Have you started a schedule?
  • I'm determined to get some sort of significant number, here - I never have before!
  • Yup, sub 4.5 hours, cos there isnt a sub 5
    First week about to finish
    WP, Im off to bed soon pet
  • Will this be 297??

    Goodnight Benz - sleep well :)

    Anyone else there?
  • You can WP, nearly threr
  • And 300!! :-)))
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