Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • Oh, no... it was 301!! Sob....

    ( :-)
  • Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Nite now
  • You did 300, dont worry
  • Nite nite, petal
  • Nite, BEnz
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-)
  • nite you lot, if you're going! :)
  • wp, are you still around? :)
  • Wow!

    You guys were busy while I was out last night! Lots of talk of crisps! I could do with you guys right now, just about everyone brought some Pringles, and I now have about 8 tubs of them, and if someone doesn't take them off me then I'm going to eat them all!

    I remember wheat crunchies - used to sit in the Student Union bar drinking and eating spicy tomato flavour. We tried them as cigarette holders one night - worked very well!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes HS! I don't actually have enough space for all my cards now - what with Crimbo and Birthday ones - they're on every spare surface save the kitchen!

    Benz - sorry to hear Mr Benz is being a bit off about the new job - just remember that it's still a fantastic achievement for you and one of your lifetime goals, so congratulate yourself on that.

    Not enough sleep, too much alcohol, and I've got a 19 mile run to do on my own 'cos I woke up too late to go out with the club. Eek!

    Serious question - does physical activity stop alcohol being absorbed in some way - I didn't get nearly as pi$$ed as I'd expect to for the amount I drank, and the hangover isn't really big enough either. I was dancing solidly for about 4 hours quite energetically!
  • Hi Iain
    Yep, dancing stops me getting drunk too
    Pass the pringles
  • Curry, Paprika, Sour cream and chives? Quite a lot of cheesecake left as well, plus five jacket spuds.

    Another thought - hangovers feel like just after a long run. A bit wobbly, shivery, tight head. Something to do with sugar levels and missing electrolytes?

    If so then drinking is good training for FLM?
  • Actually, ive got a virus of some sort, so cant face food
    Better make today a rest day
  • Sorry to hear that Benz - hope you feel better soon. In which case my list of food probably made you want to barf!

    I must stop going on the internet - I'm not doing any running, and I got a call from a friend late yesterday afternoon asking about my birthday bash who said she'd been trying to get through for the last couple of days solid!
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