Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • try AGAIN !
  • hilly might as wel be, bune, she's ace committed!
  • Hiya HS - where you been ?
  • oh, eating, drinking, you know...
    I've been to visit my folks in Nwales,
    4 nights in B&B, pub food all the time. oh woa its me!! :-)
  • Hi HS, god this thing moves fast, I just popped next door to see if there was anything to answer.
  • where in NWales - you a walian too?
  • not as fast as chatroom tho!
  • No not Ron Hill, well at least I hope not!
  • No I couldn't cope with chat room speed, only went in once! I'm a walian too, but South.
  • aw SM -its still not working!

    Hilly - you got a range of kit named after you tho!
  • Hilly - you in benz' neck of the woods then?
  • I'm sure I did it right - will investigate
  • LLanrwst me, nr betws-y-coed, nr Snowdon!!!
    My sis lives at harlech, lovely beach to run on - but I didn't this time :-(
  • sccm-yea, I wear 'Hilly' socks, really comfy.

    I don't live in Wales anymore, parents do though. Where does Benz come from?
  • Love Betws-y-coed - not been for years tho!

    Harlech is nice - i love Black Rock Sands near Portmadog - nice beach to run on - i once had a go at running up alarge sand dune in the area - cos id read that Steve Ovett (remember him) used to train that way

    couldnt walk next day!
  • benz is based in Cardiff i think?
  • forgot http oldest mistake in the book! once again 4 benz

    a bit dated methinks but talk to me about it when you've finished the other stuff
  • I am going to do the Snowdonia Marathon one year, it's on my list of to do's.

    Cardiff isn't far from my place of birth.
  • Snowdonia marathon sounds interesting _ even more if it was a walk !

    are you a hill runner then!
  • hilly I was just sitting here contemplating confessing my secret yen to make Snowdon marathon my first!! and up pops your post - spooky heh!
  • Spmo this is getting tedious!!!
  • SCCM-I'm not in the class of fell runner, but I certainly like to run hills, Off road and the muddier the better.

    HS-do you think you'll do it this year, I've thought about it, but not sure if I'll fit it in.
  • EP!!!!! helllooo!!
  • que ?

    methinks hills and trails are much nicer than streets and dual carriageways!

    SP - i managed to get to it with alittle deletion! haha
  • hilly, don't think so, - I don't want to rush in!!
    seriously, I'm starting an OU course this feb, 1 year, so will stick to 10k and less this year I think, I'll have trouble enough as it is with full time job.
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