Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • I did, Bune. Hockey - the best game in the world :-) I notice you mentioning it from time to time. What position d'you play?
  • Ive been building a man with blond hair and a tan and hes good for releiving my tension!
  • But your poor legs girls
  • keeper WP!

    what about you?
  • easier than runing Marathons Benz!
  • Nope
    i used to be a left Inner
    Noone passes to you, so its a god position for just running up and down the field
  • oftentimes pt will say "I felt something strange there"
    sometimes I reply with a smile and a wink " well I think I might have done too, but I best keep quiet about that"
    er so somewhere inbetween
  • left inners were goal scorers!
  • sorry SpM - were you referring to previous relationships or esoteric arts?
  • I wasnt
    Spacemonkey, know what you mean:)
  • Bune - I started out as centre forward, and later I was an inner. When I was a student, though, I played inter-departmental hockey twice on Sundays just for fun, and I used to play a back, which was a lot of fun :)

    In my last season I played keeper a few times when ours was ill. It was an utterly terrifying experience! I don't know how you're brave enough to do it... I was v. naughty and had to stand in the goal mouth with a ciggy psyching myself up for when the marauding hoards came charging down the field towards me :-)
  • Benz - modern shin pads have all but cured the bashed legs syndrome. The smashing of my index finger into about 15 pieces was an interesting experience, though! :-)
  • Exactly
    TOO scary, and they all have blunt instuments
  • I remember the bruises, and i hardly got near the ball
    we didnt have shin pads at my school, except the goalie
  • hahahaha lol WP - its the safest position - im completely padded up - get hit sometimes - but mostly in training - Ive never played anywhere else!
  • Benz - apologies, I missed the stickies question! Stickies = sticky buns, cakes, doughnuts. That sort of thing... yum :)
  • My legs are twinging just thinking about it
    And i was NEVER allowed to sit out, dunno why, i was no good
  • Any crisps WP?
  • Benz Blunt Instuments LOL- you could have beaten them all with your pointy instuments!

    i think schoolgirl hockey is worse - all stick hacking
  • Too true
    Hey, you all feel better dont you
    my hand isnt tingling as much on the mouse
  • mm sticky buns - av you got an Iced Finger bun?

    do you not play any more WeeP?
  • Yum, crisps.... my problem with crisps is that I can't eat them a packet at a time. They have to be in multiples, or in enormous packets.

    Having said that, I think that maybe a few packets of Brannigans can't do too much harm. After all, it is Iain's b/day... :) And those salt and vinegar Seabrook crisps are extremely yummy too... Sigh...
  • Seabrook
    Now theres a throwback
    iain likes pringles
  • Benzy!!!!

    (actually mine are - my palms and fingetips? - thought i just needed a bcomplex!)
  • its started again
    Ok whos mis?
  • Ok Bune, Id accept peripheral neuropathy if my feet did the same
    Must take me B vits tho, prob low, with all the running and boozing
  • No, Bune, I chucked it in, probably 5 or 6 years ago now. Sometimes I miss it :)

    <blush> What's an uber piglet? I've been trying to work it out, but I've failed. Sob! <blush>
  • my folks had bought in crisps for chrimbo - 3 9packs of Maccoys and a 48box of walkers - couldnt persuade them to give me the s&v tho

    (btw sally gunnels ugly sister has scored for the imitators)

    think Iain was going clubbing
    I think crisps are full of vit B
    Arent they?
  • Who Bune?
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