Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • you know supermodels ?

    well ubermodels are even more famous etc !

    Babe= famous piglet you bear an uncanny resemblance to

    so UberBabe!
  • Crisp Deficiency!

    yes forscan!
  • Oh well, we will show them tomorrow
  • I get it :-)) Thanks!

    Of course, I did actually play Babe in the films, y'know... that's why we look so similar ;-)

    I like that - UberBabe :-)
  • Soory redhead, it has to be
  • Kylie and Holly valnce would be uberbabes btw!
  • o course
    i have had NO crisps today

    Thats why i feel weird
  • yes we need the lead - 12 out of 12 over chrimbo and new year - have you sky? will you watch?
  • Is it on telly????????????/
    Or is it bloody pay for view?
  • We have Sky
  • I have had crisps - worcestshire sauce and pnuts - but im sick of them - and chocolate - can still do mince pies tho!
  • Those Seabrooks are suddenly available in Safeways in individual packets... it's awfully tempting. In fact, I gave in and ate two packets after my club race this morning... both salt & vinegar. Made my lips turn white, they were so salty! Yum...
  • I could fancy a sack of crisps
    but none in house
    Come to think of it, not pigged today either
    RIGHT, effort needed tomorrow
  • sky sports at 3pm 4pm kick off so not pay per view
  • Mmmm... mince pies. I know of a box in a secret location downstairs... hang on... :-)
  • Safeway?????/
    All over the country??
    Is it too late to phone my sister
  • wot to pig out?

    you neede the salt after your race WeeP - dont spose you like pork scratchings much?
  • Well were NOT off to see LOTR then
  • I havent even had a mince pie this Xmas

  • Ooops! :-) It's not fair, Benz: I don't think they should be allowed to stock them like that, right next to the exit and all... They're my worst addiction, these days.
  • Redhead's on my URWRCF new years honours list - along with Chimp and Running Commentary

    do you remember Quintins Crisps Bune? made a brief appearance in South Manchester around 1981
  • Hiya SM, missed you
  • ooooooooooooh i could justeat a sack
  • wot you got in cardiff Benzy?

    Sainsburys (organic blue corn tortillas nice)

    Lime doritos!
  • eh up :)

    my mother has been on then net for TEN solid hours today without a break!!!

    she's getting worse than me bless her! :)
  • All of them, and asda, and Lidl
    Lime doritos, now why not in small sacks
  • Phew, someone worse than me
    its getting worse than drink for me
    Hi psi
  • hmm not really

    I can get seabrooks

    what happened to golden wonder?

    anyone tried walkers turkey & stuffing flavours

    i like Marmite, tomato ketchup flavours
  • hi Psi - wots she been doing?

    salt&vin square crisps
  • I must have a very slow connection

    Psi - do you know what you've let yourself in for?

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