Triple F - Oh Fudge, Finally I'm Forty!



  • well apart from seabrook, which i aint had in DECADES, KP , in pubs are the best crisps
    then walkers
  • Psi is looking forward to it, arent you
  • asda do doritos in small bags by the door - but why would you want a small bag!
  • KP crisps - not nuts ?
  • yes i am benz! haven't done the RHPS in costume before (even tho i'll hardly be wearing anything :o lol )

    but what are you girls all going to go as? oh sure, all the talk's been of me as rocky and iain as Dr FnF, but what about all you? eh? eh?! ;)
  • i like parsnip carrot and beetroot crisps - selfridges food hall - we have 2 in manchester you know!
  • oh and benz i'm not hairy! (reference earlier in thread)

    that makes me sound like robin williams :o lol

    i just have a bit! ie normal amount :) not like some of these ppl i know who only have to have a shave every week :o
  • Im just rifraf psi!
  • or christopher biggins in the chorus!
  • or it could have been sue pollard - hard to tell!
  • oh - and quintin's crisps are still around!

    we have them in our packed meals (which you get issued for long coach journeys etc) cos they are the cheapest ones they could get i think ;)
  • If i still look like this, ill be in a bin liner(puprle, of course)
  • benz!

    might have to go house=mate has just come back and is moaning about me spending so much time here!
  • "you're only supposed to blow the doors off"

    anyone watching 100 best films on Chan 4 in backround?

    they've just done Rebel Without A Cause and Italian Job, so I guess I missed Cinema Paradiso

    Square S+V crisps = very good

    Wheat Crunchies - appeared same time as QC - are also v good

    I worked at Smiths Crisps Stockport for 3 summers - it was great!!
  • Wheat crunchies, sigh
    i bloody LOVE crisps, dont start me off
  • will say nite nite now in case i get turfed off for LOTR game !
  • Nite bune
    BIG hugs
  • I'm eating Twiglets at the moment.

    Is there anyone else that likes these (at ALL)?
  • "you spend all your time on there talking to them"

    I wonder why

    nite peeeps
  • When I was at school I saved up my money and bought a whole box of S&V Square Crisps from Macro. I took them home and retired to my bedroom on Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon they were all gone :) It was years before I could face another!
  • I do
    Starng that, i do NOT like marmite
    And they are apparently low fat
    (like pretzels and square crisps too)
  • Hello Psi,

    I'm eating Twiglets too....
  • Really WP
    Me and my sis DREAMED of doing that
    we didnt know anyone who could get into cash and carry tho
  • grrr nite nite
    fecking grrr
  • Hugs again bune
  • nite bune! xxx :)

    benz: yeah, twiglets are about 12% fat, compared to well over 30% for normal crisps :)
  • G'night Bune. Bash the flat mate, I say...

    Benz - my parents had a card. Thinking back, I'm not sure how I persuaded them to let me do it. Still, I was about 15 at the time. It was like a wonderland in there - boxes of absolutely everything. I still remember how difficult it was to decide which ones to buy! Sigh...
  • bad for you then
    ONE day, people will realise the truth
    Fat is GOOD

    Wanted to mention inspirational article in GH this month
  • Wp, i must telll SIS this
    we were gonna get pickled onoin flavour
  • I will have to go soon, es getting p--se off
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