Anyone checking my training blog?

I was wondering if anyone from here was checking my blog? After installing a hit-counter, I'm trying to discover where my traffic is coming from, so that I can promote the site more efficiently. I'm getting far more hits than I would have expected! Any ideas on how to promote my blog are also appreciated. Thanks all...


  • i had not checked your blogg till i read your shamesless self promotion. now i have it makes good reading

    how do you set it up and does it cost anything?

    cheers .....M1
  • We ought to make a UK Runner's blog ring, so people have an easy launching board to find this sort of 'thang'. I've seen a couple of US equivelents...
  • not read it...but a lot of hits might be search engine spiders...

    Registering the site with search engines will generate more hits as well as linking up with other blogs.
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