Training Session - Saturday 28 December

What: About 4-5 miles.
Why: Long run tomorrow.

Last hard: T'other day.
Last rest: Yesterday :)


  • what: nothing
    why: probably due for a rest anyway, but now especially (after yesterday's problems), want to be as fresh as poss for tomorrow's 13.6 miler - preferably with enough left in the tank to try to attack (rather than just plod) the homeward journey.

    last hard(ish) day: Fri
    last rest day: Mon
  • What: swim
    Why: rest day
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: xmas day

    such a lovely morning I did debate sneaking out for a short run, but then thought better of it, if I want to run long tomorrow.
  • What: 1 mile warmup, 16 x 1:30 @3k pace =436.36m), 30 sec recoveries, 1 mile cooldown
    Why: Horwill says...
    Last hard: Today (sort of...)
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Nice morning for it, but by the time I got back, my rear was covered in mud from the rubbish I flicked on myself during the 'paw-back' phase. Why, when it gets good & balmy, must it rain/be damp?
  • What: 5 miles easy
    Why: supposed to rest but saw the sunshine and wanted to try out some of my new running gear! And had another evening's drinking last night on my conscience.

    Last hard: xmas eve, sort of (fartlek session)
    Last rest: Mon
  • What: Gym triathlon thing as devised by Evil Pixie - all distances less than when I first started!! Upper body weights.
    Why: Put 3lbs on over Christmas

    Last hard: Yesterday (ish)
    Last rest: Christmas day
  • What: 30 minutes easy with 2 sets of 5x100m strides thrown in.

    Why: 10 mile race tomorrow

    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Yesterday.
  • 70 min run/walk
    6.13 miles(pedometer)
  • Hi all! What a lovely day!
    What: did my long run today as we have friends staying over tonight, so 11 miles slow
    Why: the marathons training commences...
    last hard: can't remember, last Sun?
    last rest: Thurs
  • What - 6km uphill, 6km down.

    Why - every trail within miles goes up!

    Last hard - Xmas day

    Tomorrow - long run
  • What: Club handicap, which was about 7.3 miles through sand dunes, along beach, in woods, little bit of road.
    Why: It was my first Club handicap :)

    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: Thursday
  • What: 45 mins fartlek plus 5 mins warm down and warm up. Bloody cold and quite difficult as a lot of snow under foot here in Ankara.

    Why: Key marathon session

    Last hard day: Thursday (hills)

    Last rest: Tuesday

    Tommorrow: Long run
  • Laura L,

    Trying out new running kit is serious stuff well done!

    What: 20M
    Why: gives me more time before next weekends county xc champs.
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: 8 days ago
    Feel good after my run & even spent 1hr in garden putting up trellis.

  • Wee Piglet,

    Sounds like fun
  • Hi once again, training types.

    What: Nowt.
    Why: Got a nice dose of amoebic dysentery for Crimbo from my 1-year-old nephew. Still iffy. Well, it was a bit of a tummy bug, but I like to make a fuss.
    Hard: Before Christmas.
    Rest: Yesterday/today.

    I'll hit the road tomorrow to see how I'm doing. Race day Tuesday..... :-O
  • Been out for my first run for almost 3weeks;reasons for not running, busy time at work,family,weather,couldn't be bothered etc.What a copout.I just ran a couple of miles today and it was great.More tomorrow.
  • Thanks, Outrunningalongway - it was fun :) I really enjoy running in the dunes (not the soft sand, though - the grassy paths, up and down, are best), so I enjoyed the course today :)

    Very best of luck in the County xc champ's next weekend - that sounds very exciting! Do you know what the course will be like yet?
  • What: Running Club Christmas Disco

    A four hour endurance session with particular attention paid to careful hydration.

    Last rest: Boxing Day

    Yesterday's session (as I was elsewhere)- undulating five miler at just over 7 minute / mile pace, clearing some cobwebs (and a headache). I experienced a running first fo me when I was attacked by a cock pheasant! He flew out at me and attacked my leg with claws and beak. I shook him off and he attacked again, so I puinted him (gently) into the stream - I didn't know that pheasants could look suprised. Why did he attack? I'm sure I don't look like a rival pheasant - maybe it was a comment on the colour clash between my tights and jacket.
  • What: 8 Miles
    Why: Marathon Training Schedule says so!

    Last Rest: Friday
    Last Hard: Today!

    Tried out new running socks today, they were very good!

  • What: Resistance Training legs,arms,( and stupid as it may seem, me and my training partner had a contest with dumbell curls, seeing how many we could manage in one set, weight 2kg @ 234 reps, and yes by the end of it they felt like 30kg) and ab work,then followed by 2km run at 15kph.

    Why: Didnt want to do much running as I face an 18 miler tomorrow......up hills!!

    Last Hard: Friday
    Last Rest: Xmas day
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 10k hilly tempo run
    Why: 1st hard run for nearly a week due to colds, etc
    Last hard day: today
  • Wee Piglet,

    The course is the same as the last three years. It used to move around each year but it's becoming harder to find venue's. Not many people want thier playing fields cut to peices.

    A few years ago I did a mile race on the Goodwyn Sands [in the English Channel] each year they become accessable for a few hours. People have played cricket on them as well. The sand was really hard!

  • I notice you're all very restrained and didn't pick up on any daft and obvious jokes re Johny's encounter with a pheasant!
  • amended:

    What: Nothing
    Why: Didn't want to risk it due to recent injury when I have a long run to do tomorrow.

  • hey drew, i'm watching you on T.V right now! you're about to get your head cut off.

    what: track(thank god, i'm running again!)
    10*400m, 1minute static recovery between each, all at 68-72 seconds/400m pace.

    why: because the coach said so, and everybody know's he's the man!

    it's great to be runing again. get this people, 4lbs over christmas, and i have the XC champs in two weeks time, ooooooooh sh*t.

    ah well, long run tomorrow hopefully, then it'll all be back on track.

    last rest:erm, like the last three days
    last hard: i suppose today felt kinda pushy in the last two reps(like lactic acid pushy), but that's good, NO REALLY, it IS!!!
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