Why do we do it to ourselves ????

Just come back from my lunchtime run and boy was it difficult!

Had the last two weeks off with an injury and then spent all weekend at v2002 boozing, boozing and more boozing. Still a bit tiddled this morning. I was like a lumbering oaf out there. If a pint of lager could run it would like me today. It was so tough I had to cut it short. Why oh why oh why do we do it to ourselves? Why didn't I just have hair of the dog like most normal people would have done. Excuse me while I collapse this afternoon!!


  • Well, after giving up alcohol for 3 weeks, 3weeks 2 days ago I have never ran or felt soooo bad as I have during this time. When I went out for a run on Saturday (28 degs heat) I thought **** this I'm not bothering with the Dublin marathon (which I am in, have flights and accom booked for) and went home didn't have any wine and felt totally miserable. Had yesterday off and had half a bottle of Chablis last night and feel rubbish again today....what's the bet that I have a brill run today??? Sods law eh?
  • Did a BBQ on saturday night and had more wine than I should have and had to do a 10 miler first thing sunday morning. ("had" as in a half marathon approaching fast and I'm underprepared) Felt wretched and wanted to give up but did it faster than I'd intended. I probably just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.
  • Oldbones that is much respect. If I over indulge I'd be unable to even think about running let alone actually run!!!
  • Thanks Parky but I don't think the respect is deserved! However, I do find an early morning run is a good cure for a hangover.
  • I have been trying to get into running now for a year and just cannot get motivated. I get bored with it and don't go out for days, currently I haven't run for four weeks.
    I did a marathon 15 years ago and just haven't run since. Can anyone tell me of a sport that I can take up that is cheap, fun and will help me get fit and stay fit? I just don't think I will run again.
    Thanks for any advice.

  • Clive,

    Don't give up your running shoes just yet. The only way I start motivated is to keep entering events, so I've always got one to focus on. I'll never be up the front but its just good fun, chatting to people before and after the race, very friendly. And it doesn't matter what distance, each has their own special 'challenges'. If you still need motivation what about joining a running club?
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