Ankles and Feet - please help

I have just got back into running after a very long break. I have never had problems with my ankles before but they are now very painful. They hurt when I first start every run, every time my foot hits the ground, but the pain usually goes as I continue. In the last few days I have run a lot and now my ankles hurt even though I am currently not doing anything. My feet are a bit sore, and if I wiggle my toes my ankle feels worse. Anyone know what I have done, what to do about it, or how to prevent it in the future? Any help is very much appreciated!


  • Just the usual RICE and then try again - unless you have put on a lot of weight or something obvious that might make a difference if they used to be OK its probably just a matter of conditioning them again. If the pain got worse while running I'd be a bit more concerned.
  • Thanks - I wont panic about it then.
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