Speed raining and Tightness

Justwondered if any of you exerieinced runner can help. I ran my first marathon in New Yorks a few weeks ago on a plodding "Get Your Round" programme. Long runs were no problem ut whenever I tied to run faste or add speed sessions I found he muscles on the front of my thighs were very sore and tight for days after. I had warmed up an stetched before. I have got a place in the London Marathon and want to run under 4hours 30 minutes.


  • you were improving, that's pain due to muscle breakdown by the increased intensity of your sessions. however, it's a good thing, so long as you don't go mad. this muscle breakdown is essential for repair and hence, improvment, as, when your body repairs the muscles damaged by the intense excercise, it makes sure to "over repair" them, so when you do excercise of the same intensity again, you won't cause the same muscle breakdown.

    you may be making a mistake between the pain of improvement and the pain of injury, you'll get to know which is which.

    however, as i always say, if you do get really sore, and you think you could beinjured, take a break and get checked out but someone who knows their stuff, injury is your arch nemesis.
  • Jane - I completely agree with Phil. Personally if I'm sore for more than a couple of days after (to the extent that it stops me running) I treat that as overdoing it. It might not be injury, but there's no point doing a fantastic session if it messes up my next three! Having a rest day/light training day the day after a hard session is a general principle.

    You didn't mention stretching *after* your sessions - do you do this?
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