Round the Resers 5

rjhrjh ✭✭✭
am a plodder who loves running and i live really close to this race, am 10 min miling and dont want to come in when the race organisers have packed up!! anyone know how fast this is??


  • Brilliant!!!

    I thought this race had disappeared of the calendar.

    Rjh trust me you will be fine, it raises money for the 'Tintwistle Childrens Gala' and is consequently supported by a lot of local charity runners.

    There is no way you will come last, the course involves 2 laps round a couple of the resers, it is a fast course with a just a couple of climbs. Do it.
  • Watch out for the queue at the end of the M67 if coming from Manchester
  • David - I'm coming across to Tintwistle from Middleton and will hit the M67.

    How long do you think i should i should allow myself from getting from the end of the M67 to Tintwistle?
  • I've never actually queued through the lights at Mottram but it may take 5 or 6 light changes. I would allow an extra 20 mins
  • David do you think the heat played a part in slowing down the race, or am i 2 minutes slower than in 2003 because i'm just not as sharp?
  • Sorry I have not replied earlier but I'm new to this web site. I was 30 secs faster than last year, but then again, last year it rained heavily and I had to run further round all the big puddles. I'm certainly getting slower over the years but that's my age problem. I always look foreward to the mugs they give out.I will be doing the Offerton 10k in Stockport on the 6th July (Wednesday evening) organised by Stockport Harriers. It is a fairly small race (about 250 runners) and is 3 laps of tarmac tracks within a park so is traffic free and good for spectators. It isn't flat but should be easy compared to fell racing.
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