I hate gym sessions!

Hi all,

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Now the evenings are too dark to run cross country sessions every evening, could anyone suggest what I should be doing in the gym to compensate?

I am a member of Fitness First (I won't say where but it's the only gym nearby so I can't simply change gyms). The facilaties are ok but I haven't the slightest motivation to train there. There is no friendly atmosphere, banter, etc which I had at my previous gym so I need some ideas as to what to do so I have to spend as little time there but get the maximum benefit possible in, say, an hour session 3 times a week. Obviously low weight/high reps are the order of the day but what cardio-work should be done that doesn't over tire the legs? I have a HRM but find training to the levels suggested tedious. I enjoy the cycling, cross-trainer & stepper but how should I use these most effectively?

I realise these may be basic training questions but any advice would be appreciated. Thanx!



  • pembo, I sympathise with you, I get soooo bored at the gym, I can do a 2 hour slow run outdoors no problem, but 20 min jog on the treadmill and I'm battling with myself to keep going, the only thing I can offer is
    to do high intensity "circuits" of the cardio machines, use the HrM to make sure you work as hard as you would like, I do 10 mins only on each, and try to keep my heartrate up by doing quick changes, also useful at my gym, where, unlike a lot of people, I find it really hard to ignore the 10 min only when busy rule - the other bane of indoor stuff! - I suspect you are much fitter than me, and I'm a beginner, but I find the variety the only way to beat the tedium.
    Good luck!
  • I find gyms boring as well but I love my treadmill sessions. I only use the treadmill for speed sessions and as I've improved in the past year I find myself looking forward to pushing myself to destruction (well amost).

    Have you thought about using a personal trainer. I know it sounds poncey and it it a bit expensive but mine has been brilliant for me.
  • I totally understand what your saying. Gyms and gym goers bore the f*** out of me. Is it me or do these gym goers strike you as being the least serious about fitness? As a women I often find myself on the treadmill to do speedwork only to be joined by some total macho jerk who feels the need to try and outrun me? What's that all about? The so called fitness instructors who do the gym induction amuse me you always get someone who is blatantly not as fit as you - how do you take their advice seriously? At "Active" in Brighton the instructor spent most of the time "kissing" himself in the mirror. Is there a gym for runners and cyclists? God I wish there was! I know I am supposed to cross train but where's the incentive? Any advice before this begins to sound like a rant Or maybe it already does!
  • There is a huge gym for runners and cyclists - it's called "Outdoors".
    Gyms are good for one thing - doing weights sessions.
    I personally never use any of the CV kit.
    I couldn't agree more about about the "instructors" - most of them probably got their qualifications off the back of a cornflakes packet.
    Seriously, though if you can find a gym that does spinning sessions, give them a go - it's the hardest I've ever worked on a bike.
  • I am a gym bunny
    been in gyms for YEARS
    Got put off mine when i was laughed at for attempting a marathon(AT MY WEIGHT)
    But good when the weather is crap
    i do spped sessions and sometimes long ones on the tready
    And i need to up my weights sessions
  • To Mr Cornish Ironman outdoors... yes.. funny.. very witty. It did actually take me a few seconds to realise that you were actually taking the p***. I only feel that i should use the gym coz thats what all the training guides tell you. I have heard of spinning classes but being a poor student I can only just stretch to new shoes this month let alone extra classes. The guy at my local running shop who is an ultra runner swears buy his weighted vest that he wears to run shorter distances! Has anyone else tried this? Perhaps you - Mr Ironman?!
  • Suzi F
    Being a couple of stone heavier than I'd like to be, I reckon I run wearing a "permanent natural weighted vest substitute"! I'm hoping that when I lose the weight I'll still be left with the resulting strong legs!
    I find treadmills extremely boring, but working long hours find the gym useful on cold dark winter nights.
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  • Pembo - don't know if your gym does them but my gym does "Body Pump" classes - low weights, high reps, so good in that sense, plus if you get a decent instructor there's a bit more atmosphere than in a gym without banter. The fact that it's free weights and includes an abs track should help core stability and stuff which is good for running posture.
  • RB, I too wear a natural weighted running vest but it is getting lighter. I use the gym mainly the day after a long run. I find the sauna and hydro pool very relaxing, soothing out any aches and pains.
  • Agree with CI, I don't use gyms at all. Can't stand all those guys admiring themselves in the mirror who just have to show you how good they are. Last one to try that on me got a shock when I used the leg lift machine after him and upped the weight considerably!
    We set up our own fitness equipment at home, weights, a stepper, rowing machine, and indoor bike trainer. Don't need to go anywhere now.
  • I hate gyms, but until recently I lived in a big city and it was the most pleasant option (I hated battling with the traffic). I found that SPINNING classes were excellent. It was usually about 1hr on a high resistance bike, led by an instructor who gets you to do reps etc. Where I went did classes for different disciplines so that I could work on stamina, or speed, etc depending on what I wanted.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with a complete mental block about gyms. I go to Fitness First ... not another word needs to be said about these pushy sales,pushy marketing places ... as for the actual gym .. for spinning class, you had to be in on a bike at least 20 mins before the class ... 1 class every 2 nights or somethng .. I gave up on that ... then the running thing .. am I the only female who's hair gets untidy and sweats at a gym ? they all look so cute and simply just glow in their under sized over stretched lycra !!!
    Even with TV and radio these places just bore me to death ... at least on the road.. you can chip stones at cars who nearly knock you down etc ...
  • Some gyms are fine, not all instructors admire themselves in the mirror. The gym I go to has some excellent classes. I don't go to the classes because I don't have the time. I do however go to circuit training there and the instructor is very good, often joining in himself, he also runs.

    Another gym I used to go to was rubbish, no music, wasn't even allowed to wear head phones and the instructor used to just stand at the side and not mix with anyone, unless approached.

    Circuits are excellent for all over body fitness and for strength training. It's also easier to do these kind of exercises in a group with someone shouting encouragement at you to work harder. I find them harder than running!

  • sorry pembo didn't answer any of your questions. You could try using the cv equipment for short bursts. Go on each one for 10/15 mins total, but in that time do a variety of paces like 1min fast, 1 min recovery, 2 mins fast, 1 min recovery, 3 mins fast, 1 min recovery etc. Really there is quite a lot you could do, just use variety and you won't get bored.
  • THANK YOU EVERYONE!! For you helpful, witty and very intelligent comments on gyms. All comments have been noted down and I am now eagerly awaiting returning to the gym this week. My motivation level has been well and truely lifted. I would like to point out that I too wear one of God's "weighted jackets" whilst running and, with some hard work, it WILL disappear again.

    I used to train at the Molineux (yes, the Wolves ground) and we had a fantastic gym. Friendly, helpful instructors. Good people to train with. My first instructor, Chris, was ex-Royal Marine PT Instructor, so I was above average fit in those days with his classes. Motivation wasn't a problem. Fear works wonders! In 1998, after four years the Wolves, in their wisdom, shut the gym down. Since then finding a gym with same atmosphere has been impossible. Hence with the lack of real incentive and training partners my fitness has declined. I still ran. Did some 10k races and a 1/2 marathon. But it didn't seem as much fun. However having you lot passing on your kind comments and advice I feel a part of a team again. So thank you all!

    Good luck with your running. Have a successful and injury free 2003. Chhers everyone.
  • You don't need to go near a fitness instructor when you go to the gym, or go on the treadmill. The best think to do in the gym is to go on the rowing machine. It improves both your arm and leg strength greatly, while at the same time working your lungs. Everything that a runner needs. You can also measure your speed which I find keeps you motivated as you try and get pb's on the rowing machine!
    Enjoy it and prepare to suffer, as it is not easy!
  • I have to say that I Hate Gyms: boring, hot and full of poseurs. Am I the only one who actually sweats in a gym? Whenever I blag a freeby most of the regulars look offended by my tatty kit and sweaty pits.
    I cross train by mountain biking - but if anyone has any ideas for working the upper body outdoors I'd be interested. (Suppose I could row or canoe, but that needs gear and water)
  • well actually, although i hate gyms, the one i go to is so old no-one else uses it apart from me and a couple other people. the centre containing the gym has no instructors and no organised classes, but it dies have two treadnills and two rowers, a couple of those cross trainers and a circuit of weights machines. this is alli need at the most extreme of times. and there are no self admirers. but it has no t.v's or radio etc. makes it more than extremely boring. i share your hatred of gyms.
  • I use David Lloyd. Yea there are a lot of posers down their and some of the instructors are only interested in advising the women who use the gym, but there are also some great athletes down there too,including a couple of triathletes who raced at the Commonwealth Games and a trainer who competed in Britains Fittest, he came 2nd.
  • In some gyms across the country they are putting prototypes in for people to test out. In my gym they have put a running machine in with an air conditioner on it.
    If anyone knows, does this effect your breathing or do any harm to you?
  • I agree with Hilly - Circuit training is best - the sessions I go to (at a Local authority leisure centre as opposed to a commercial gym) don't appear to have any poseurs but a good mix of runners (including one of Englands top fell-runners), cyclists and those who generally enjoy being fit - a good mix of weights/upper-body and lower body exercises which complement my 30+ mpw running.
  • Agree about davud lloyd
    been a member of mine fir 7 years and STILl noone says hello to me
    Snotty gym instructors
  • Jazz - not sure about the air con thing, but I've trained at a velodrome a bit, and always come away with a cough at the end of it. I'd give it a go though and see if it affected me.

    I do tend to have a limit on a treadmill of about 6 miles as by then I'm just too hot, so this might be a very good idea ?
  • At my local gym ( local gym for local people we'll have no trouble here etc etc) I'm lucky to get a grunt out of the owners , sorry instructors , still thats steroid abuse for you. The only time one of the "instructors" spoke to me me was on the induction and I think thats cos she was after my body , erm money I mean. The equipments not too bad , two of the treads could do with a service to stop them slipping but you wont find anyone admiring themselves in a mirror - no siree not in East Yorkshire !!
  • you have a nice body mercury?
  • Goodness me no !! I fall into the "nice" catagory apparently, ( so I gave up and gor married )
  • lucky wife then:)
  • Cougie - In my gym they have a sectioned off area where there is one main air conditioner on the roof and then some built in ones on the walls. This is great and it makes you feel like your running outside.
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