Crossdale Trail 10K

How have you got on with this?

My partner has persuaded me not to do a 1/2 in October and steered me to a 10K because of old knee problems he doesn't want me to agravate. And I've listened to him!!!!!!!!!!!! I've said to him it may make me even quicker with his route and he doesn't mind this!!!!

My initial plan was a 1/2 in October and possibly a marathon late Spring. I'm currently developing a nice 12 min mile plod and have done 5k in 35.24 (last September & have had a break to complete a college course) Were my initial plans way too optimistic?

Any advice is much appreciated.



  • How undulating is this one ?
  • Christopher,

    Have you checked out the rating reviews? There's abuot 8-10 which may help. However I was hoping for more information from them so hence me starting this thread. I had actually forgotten I started and have entered a 1/2 marathon in Coventry which is on the same day as this race.
  • Helen

    Thanks for that.
  • Christopher, I did this last year. It's a x-country course through farmers fields and tracks. The 1st part takes you down a 'very' steep hill which you need to watch you're footing on otherwise you'll trip... This is also the last 'hill' so all I can so is 'best of luck', it's 'evil', sorry 'challenging'

    yes, I am doing it again...

  • Sporty Kezza

    Thanks for the information.

    I'm up for this and now entered.
  • I signed up for this as my first 10K and am now getting v scared!

    Does everyone promise not to leave until I have crawled up the last hill? I may be some time!
  • LoobielLoo,

    I'm sure you will be fine. If I wasn't doing the Coventry Half I would have definately done this as it sounds as though it as friendly event.

    Good Luck.
  • Thanks Helen! And good luck for Coventry!
  • Hi.

    Glad you're all looking forward to the last hill! Have a look at, then select 10K Profile from the Maps menu - as you'll see, the course is pleasantly undulating, apart from the last few hundred metres. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of marshalls and supporters there to cheer you on!
  • Hi All

    Would welcome any info on the crossdale trail - what proportion of the race is over fields etc? I'm not very sure footed unless I am on tarmac, and so am not sure if this race is for me - esp as I would like to use it to improve on my last 10K race time!

  • Claire
    Very little tarmac! I haven't raced this route as when I last did the event a few years ago it was all on road (due to foot and mouth). However have run on the footpaths the course uses and they are not bad. However the beginning/end has a tendancy to be a freshly ploughed field!
  • Hi.

    We do try to make sure the surface in the first / last field is safe, and as smooth as possible. In the past, this has involved armies of school kids trampling up and down, and judicious use of an old Vauxhall Cavalier. The farmer is also very obliging, and goes out of his way to leave enough space for us when he ploughs. Having said that, it is still a field, and you have to take care! I'll be out on the course in the next few days, and will check on the surface, and let you know how it looks this year.
  • Trail shoes or road shoes ?
  • Christopher...

    Trail shoes or road shoes? The course is a mixture of grass, bridlepath, tarmaced (sp?) pathway, and the aforementioned field. We've had fantastic weather every time so far, and road shoes are fine in dry conditions. If it's wet, trail shoes might be better, but not essential. Last year, I saw a Fun Runner wearing flip-flops. Suggest you avoid those for the 10K.
  • Will bring both and make a decision on that day.
  • Got my number this morning - 306

    Ran part of the course today. Some wet (huge puddles) and muddy sections but these may dry up before the day.
  • The weather forecast looks good for the race tomorrow. Conditions on the first field are good - the farmer has done a very good job of smoothing the surface, and has planted grass for next year!

    Hope to see you all tomorrow!
  • Very well organised race. Many thanks to the organisers and helpers.

    Some extra signage from the main road would be helpful. The Crossdale school banner was only visible from one direction.
  • When are the results due on the web?
  • Hi.

    You're right about the banner... we'll sort that next year.

    Results will be on the web by Monday evening. (Sorry - we had a couple of hours off for a party - it rained heavily!)
  • My first 10K and wasn't sure what to expect as I'm very new to running. A great course and well organised. Great encouragement from the marshals along the way as well. The only problems I saw were that some of the faster runners didn't know their left from their right at the turning point!! Have to say that the last hill wasn't as bad as I was expecting but still a tough way to end a race.


    Saw you at the event and would have introduced myself but by the time I had got my breath back and got change you had disappeared.
  • Provisional results for the 10K are now on the web. Team results and Fun Run results will appear later today. You may have to refresh/reload the pages in your browser to get the latest versions.

    Please let us know if you spot any mistakes (I know you will!!)
  • Phil N

    Sorry not to be able to meet you. Had a tight deadline had to be back in North Lincs pre 12.30.

    If you liked the idea of multi terrain look at . There are four runs organised in the Lake District circa 15km around the lakes for 2006.


    There is a wonderful slide show for each run. I ran the Garburn and Coniston this year. Hard work but magnicient views.

    Yesterday was my 33rd 10k in 18mths so I can give you feedback on 10k's in the East Midlands and Yorskhire.

  • CD

    Yes already done Coniston and Garburn (Challenge) and will be doing all four next year, my entry is already in for Hawkshead. This was my third trail event and must admit I am now hooked, just hope I can keep going through the winter months. Will definitely be taking part in more events next year.
  • Was pretty depressed about my run yesterday - not sure whether or not I should have started as just started getting a cold and got a stitch walking(!) to the school.

    Just looked at the results though and a bit happier now as am a reasonable way up the field and the times seem quite a bit slower than a road 10k (first time on a trail race).

    Well organised race but I started off much too fast - must learn how to run a race one day.

    Thanks to all the marshalls for their support around the course.
  • Phil N.

    Try the Bluebell Trail Race near Halifax. Its a 10 mile multi terrain race through woods, across grass fields, along side canals and rivers and up very steep cobbled streets. Finish by wading across a river (about knee height ). Usually run in May.

    How did you recognise me yesterday ? Was it my new Scunthorpe and District A C vest ?

    Running a multi terrain race in North Worcs next followed by Harewood Trail race (10) miles ) on October 9th. Also worth considering is the Guy Fawkes 10 in Ripley North Yorks.
  • CD

    Thanks for that will look into those. I had looked at the Harewood but unfortunately I have something on the 9th Oct at the moment but will pencil it in for next year, also I'm doing a 10 miler on the 8th.

    Yes, I saw the vest and wondered if it was you and then when I saw you by your car it confirmed my suspicions ;-)

    Thanks again.
  • I will see you at Hawkshead then in April if not before.

    I am not camping but staying with a friend in Lancs so wil travel up Saturday morning.
  • well, after entering 'really' early last year I wasn't able to run on the day as I was injured playing hockey on the Saturday and considering it was not flat I didn't want to chance it..
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