Training Session - Sunday 29 December

Okay, all you CRAZY and MAD "dudes":

What: 8-10 mile long(ish) slow run.
Why: First long run since injury. ("Long" in this case is 8 miles plus, though normally I class that as "longish" and 12 miles plus as "long" ;) )

Last hard: Will be today.
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • What: hopefully, about 2 hours in the woods/on the beach/in the dunes.
    Why: keeping my long run in place

    Last hard: today (i.e. Saturday)
    Last rest: Thursday

    Good luck on returning to longer runs, Psi :)

    Well, off to bed now.
  • What: 45 minutes along the canal (teeming with rain at the moment, still waiting for it to ease off)
    Why: Managed 30 minutes every other day for the last 4-5 weeks post achilles injuries. Sneaked up to 40 minutes a couple times in the last week, trying to increase the distance now.

    Last hard: Short fast run on Friday (had visitors coming, had to make it short and fast!)
    Last rest: Yesterday

    New Year's Resolution: Get the fat bloke running more than once a month (he told me to write that) and remove make-up before I go to bed....
  • What: Brisk 20-30 mins.
    Why: To convince myself I haven't lost all of my fitness thanks to the Christmas vomiting lay-off. What with Ely on Tuesday, and all.
    Hard: Christmas night was pretty hard. :-(
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Have fun in the rain, folks.
  • What - long run 18km, incl 2 big hills (one 5km, one 4km) Every trail here goes up!

    Last hard - today.

    Last rest - probably tomorrow.

    Well done Psi, keep it up
  • Soaked here!

    What are we like, how many times do we see shoppers run from shop to shop avoiding as much rain as posible, when us runners spend anything upto 3hrs in the wet stuff.

    What: 18 wet,drenched,soaked,cold,windy,hilly miles,its a 10km route lapped 3 times:

    Lap1= 45.14 Lap2= 45.01 Lap3= 51.35

    Running last lap was a killer, just go's to show what can effect you, as lap 3 last week was just over 42 mins.

    Why: Sundays are long runs for prep Vegas marathon.......1 month to go!!!

    Last Hard: Today, not so much the pace but the conditions.

    Last Rest: Xmas Day

    time for bed!
  • Hello,
    What :10K Race "The Last Chance", time from my boyfriend's modile phone: 61mins?
    Last rest : yesterday
    Last Hard : today

    Lucky for me it's Christmas, that will have to do to justify my bad race day!
    Well done for all your long runs, mine will be next year !!!
  • Afternoon guys, the weather is a bit grim here too, but does it stop us, does it heck!

    What: 18 miles including 3 very steep hills, the one at mile 17 felt like running up Everest, but this route is easier than my other 18 mile route, which is mostly hill! Knackered on the last mile, but considering the windy conditions and the hills very pleased with doing it in 2hrs.30
    Why: because I want a good marathon time
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: from running yesterday.

    Well done everyone else who braved such yukky conditions today!
  • What: 12.5-13 Miles in 1:40
    Why: Horwill Long run
    Last Hard: Today/yesterday
    Last Rest: Friday (sort of, only went to gym)
  • PM (Planned)
    What: Gym, Full Body Weights sesh
    Why: Force of habit
    Other details: as above
  • What: 3mi recovery run
    Why: did long run yesterday and had horrible hangover today!
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Thurs
  • Non-stop rain here too - from when I got up at 0800 & still hasn't stopped.

    what: 13.6 miles - same as last Sunday - to Caldy CC along the A540; 6 laps of the grounds and back again
    why: 2nd "over ½ marathon distance" run - will do probably one more next week

    last hard day: Fri
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    Definitely the worst conditions I've run in for a while. Grounds at Caldy were very heavy going with the water pouring off Thurstaston Hill - probably made me at least a minute slower if not more. Squelch squelch squelch for 4½ miles.
    Despite which....I was some 3 mins 20 secs faster than last Sunday. This week I had enough left to try to push it a bit on the way home - certainly tried to do so from leaving Caldy onwards. Got round in 101:19 - not brilliant - but the conditions account for that to a fair extent.
    Reason to be (mildly) cheerful....
  • The weather down here is prity bad today as well I'm glad I did my long run yesterday.

    What: am 5M easy run.
    Went to the cinima & watched the new Harry Potter film it was still raining when we came out.

    What: pm 8M steady.
    Why: training for April 7th either 10K or marathon. Will do marathon if all goes well.
    Last hard: Fri
    Last rest: 9 days ago.

    Miles this week: 95 feel quite good on it.

    Big Tim
  • Jesus Tim!

    That's a lot of miles - what time do you do a marathon in?
  • Glad you're feeling more positive Mike. Speedie, I'd missed you were training for the Las Vegas marathon, best of luck!
    Everyone else-well done for getting out there and doing some very wet miles today. I'm a little miffed as I rescheduled my long run until tomorrow to suit a running partner ; she just called cancelling it! So looks like I'm on my own, never mind, sometimes I think it's better to be selfish and stick to your own plans and of others can fit in, that's nice.

    What: Golden session: 8 mile tempo run @ 1/2 m pace.
    Why: 4 Villages 1/2 is only 3 weeks away! How long should the longest tempo run be for a 1/2? Bearing in mind there's a lot of other runs to be done as part of marathon training? Think I'll post separately on that.
    Anyway, pleased with today which was hard with the 2nd half into the driving rain (and I was in shorts,); the first half was 1 min faster than last time, but lost it in the 2nd half. Hope for better conditions at Helsby as I'm sure we all do!
    My pace on these runs is working out at 7.45/min mile whereas my target pace is 8, on the other hand there's a bit further to go in the race.

    Last rest: Mon
    Last hard: xmas eve.
  • Big Tim, just read your post, that's an amazing mileage especially this week of all weeks, congrats!

  • Iain,

    If all goes well, I know I can run sub 2:40 but have struggled in the last two.
  • What: Long run an hour and 55 mins ca 14 miles.

    Why: Long run (first week of 16 week marathon programme for sub 3:15)

    Last rest day: Tuesday

  • What: 10 miles, 10 x 45sec to 1min fartlek; plus 15 mins at 10k pace, plus the rest at marathon pace
    Why: I could, therefore I did (ie my kids with their dad)
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Boxing day booze up (followed by two-day hangover)

    Want to feel inspired by all you lot, but feel slighty depressed - Tim, Tim... what's your average weekly mileage? New Year's Resolution: run five times a week and not feel guilty if it sometimes mean running when I should be working!
  • Tim,

    Intersting - my mate Martin only ever gets up as high as 80 miles per week and does about 2:37. You presumably run even further as April approaches.

    Guess it's an individual time - still fantastic times that I'll never get close to. Don't think I could do anythign approaching that mileage without getting injured.
  • Snicks,
    I've averaged 63mpw this year but have not done a marathon.

    It is individual I know runners that have run 2:09 - 2:16 & thier training is totally different.

    I wish I didn't have to run quite so many miles for a good marathon, thats why its been two years since the last. I do quite enjoy it though!!!!!!

    Big Tim
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Thought I'd get back on to here after a nightmare week (running wise).
    Never known it take so long to get rid of a cold -nothing sinister just perpetually blocked up- although I did have more or less constant nosebleeds last Mon/Tues.
    Monday 23rd-went for a 10-11 miler on Monday and felt awful with about 3 to go,struggled back 5-6 minutes slower than usual.
    Tuesday 24th-felt ropey did nothing
    Wednesday 25th-wanted to go for a run but how people with small kids (mine are nearly 5 and 15months) get out I'll never know....
    Boxing Day - attempted an easy 5 miler , got half mile out and had such chronic pains in my chest that I had to stop and walk home.
    Friday - obviously took it easy
    Saturday - went for a 4.6 mile loop,first mile chest felt heavy but tried to run through it, just about suceeded and the last 2-3miles were OK.
    Today- had entered the Cliveden (Burnham Joggers) x-c but thought given how I've been all week this would be a bit daft (pity the course looked great AND it was raining!)
    The thing is that generally I feel OK (apart from the constant blocked nose),and the big plus is that I've had bags of time to play with the kids (and the wife :-p)
    Also had my parents down all week (got rid of them this morning),so running aside life has been good.

    Just cant wait to get out there again.....

    Well done to all those who've kept it going this week, and I'll wish you all the best for a happy 2003!

  • What: 5 miles hilly off road in the constant heavy rain. Fun, but not as planned - halved my planned mileage due to conditions - just too slippy even with the Walshes XC race (county champs) next Sunday so I don't want to risk injury.

    Followed by trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter. We thoroughly enjoyed it, though if Mrs had come with us she would have taken up running again when those wonderful spiders appeared.
  • What: 23 miles easy in dismal rain (why was I doing this?)
    Why: I asked myself constantly (but mainly coz I missed last week's long run due to having a cold)
    Last hard: yesterday (track session)
    Last rest: Boxing Day
  • Dustin re: your kids comment - don't feel so bad now about my sporadic running. Mine are 2 and almost 6... yes, it is nearly impossible at times. I ran three times this week, too. As for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day - what was I thinking!
  • What:had our club hash today - traditional thing between Xmas and NY. 9 miles-ish over very very rough countryside in appalling weather - took about 2.15 with 1.45 actual running, the rest of the time looking for the trail. About 40 of us, very mixed abilities.

    Last hard: Boxing Day 4 mile race
    Last rest: yesterday
  • holy hell, i had to work today: there goes the long run.

    what: 3 x 10 minute sets, on treadmill, comprising of 500m@17kph, 1000m@16.6kph and the other 500m@16kph. then the rest of the 10 minutes was spent slow running. toakes just under 7minutes per 2km.
    why: needed as intense a session as i could fit into 30 minutes.

    at the moment i'm trying to develop a training session(or sessions which can be done in a short time, ie, when you miss a session and need to partially make up, or if you only have a 40 minute lunch break. i hvae a thread posted saying "when time is short". anyone know what a good workout in about 20 minutes is?, please post replies on the other thread, i'll boing it up the list now........ thank s,

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