new shoes probs

help, i bought a pair of Kayano's last week but too k them back after they caused me foot probs, in the forefoot) i had only worn them twice outseid but they just didnt feel right. swapped them for 2100's which felt fine, i ran in them yesterday and they were ok, but when i took them off i noticed my right big toe was numb, i havent expereinced this before. now when i am wearing the 2100's i am finding them a little uncomfortable over the top of my foot near the big toe and my feet feel numb when i have them on (which i never noticed before) do you think i should take them back (a second time) or just persevere and see what happens (should they take a while to wear in?) i have never had problems before with my previous shoe (sauconly grid omni) and now i am really confused. there is ony the one specialist shoe shop in my area so i cant go elsewhere for my shoes!!
thanks, any help gratefully recieved


  • I've never had to "break in" a pair of shoes. Are the 2100's right for you, i.e. did you have your footstrike analised? Why don't you just get another pair of the Saucony's?
  • Hi Shambler, they didnt have the saucony's in stock and so i had to opt for something else! thought the 2100's would be ok as i need stability shoes as i overpronate a little (they watched my running style as i ran outside the shop) so it looks like i will have to grin and bear the shame of going back AGAIN?! oh boy, this shoe lark is so complicated!!
    cheers, DS
  • If they hurt take them back, I think. Have you tried looking for the Omni's on-line, could be cheaper that way too......
  • DS I wear a stability shoe also I couldn't get on with the 2100's - they gave me terrible blisters on the inside of my arches. In the end I went back to the New Balance 854 which were my original shoes and they are great.
  • Could it be the way you're lacing them? I'm sure there's something on the general RW Website about different lace up methods.
  • Link to Lace Tying (sp?) article.
  • Cheers, VoodooSmiles, i have tried lacing them differently and they dont feel too bad, will persevere with them i think, they don't seem to bother me when i am actually running in them it's just the uncomfortable feeling i get afterwards so i think it's worth hanging in there for! (plus i dont have to suffer the embarrasement of going back to the shop twice!!)
    Singing angel - yeah i noticed the arches thing, although i havent had blisters from them yet, i think if i do they'll defo go back!! - mostly just my wierd numb toe at the mo! - oh well i am starting to get used to it!!
    cheers, DS
  • Is your big toe rubbing/ banging against the top of the shoe at the front??

    I had a similar problem with some trail shoes I brought last winter. Although the grip was fine, I found that my big toe was always sore at the top. I knew they were the right length shoe, as I could get my thumb between the big toe and the end of the shoe.

    What appeared to be the prob was that the front of the shoe wasnt "tall" enough, and it meant that my toe was banging against the top of the shoe.

    Unfortunately by the time I had sussed this, they had been through puddles, mud etc and smelt like a sheeps backside. (well not quite, but you know what I mean).

    I was therefore forced to take extreme action, and cut a hole in the shoe over the top of the toe.

    I wouldnt really recomend this for lovely expensive shoes, but mine were a cheap pair of trails. It did sort the toe prob out, but I cant run in them in the rain anymore.

    Obviously you may not want to do that, but it may give you an idea of what your prob is??
  • hmmm kingfisher blue, i havent noticed that. i will look out for it though - interesting. i agree though i dont think i'll bother with cutting a hole in them seeing as they are only new, but handy info to know though,
    thanks DS
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