Is two shorts as good as one long?


I normally do a long run on Sunday. It's the only day of the week when I can really fit it in, due to other commitments.

Anyhow - some of the following few Sundays are getting busy, so I was thinking of doing half the run before and half after the other stuff I'm doing - maybe 10 in the morning and 8 in the evening. What are people's experience of this? Is it as good, better or worse? Guess I'm slightly worried I might get injured running 8 on muscles that are a bit stiff after the morning session.

Cheers, Iain


  • If possible, you should try to do one long run - but two short is probably better than one short. Long and short runs have different effects on the body - which is why you need the right balance between the two.
  • Thanks Bazza!

    One thing that's occurred to me since my original posting was that part of the long run is not just to do with muscles but to do with getting th body used to exercising and producing energy for exercise for long periods, which I guess you wouldn't get with the short runs. Is that part of what you're referring to?

    It's only for a couple of weekends - most times I should be able to get in long runs no problem!

    Thnaks again :-)
  • if it's only for a few weekends then t should be fine. but just remember that when you train on a long run, you are raining aerobic fitness over long distance and duration. shorter runs will not give you the full benefit, even if the mileage is the same, of their equivalent mileage in one long run. i agree with bazaa, whenever possibly, try and fit in your long run. however, look at it like this, if you do do two shorts which equal the same as the long, yous till make your weekly mileage quots, and you will probably be fresher for the next days session.


    p.s, i thought you were talking about trousers! lol
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