Windsor Tri next weekend



  • Come off the M4 at J6. Head south towards Windsor. Come off at the first exit and then take the first left. Parking is on the playing field on your left.

    SU957770 - Enter this grid ref. into Multimap, it will give you the exact location of the Car Park. Parking is about £3 for the weekend (cheaper than anywhere else by the way).

    Just follow everyone else to Alexandra Gardens!

    Say hello when you get to registration ... I will be meeting and greeting : )

    Cheers, Rich.

    PS Weather is looking really good too ... 29 on Sunday!
  • Thanks Guys!!! Everything is out and ready, bike feels good and the wetsuit feels tight!! All I need now is £5 for the parking and I'm away.....

    Hope everybody has an enjoyable race

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    look out for the piratey kits peeps - maybe it's our best chance of finding each other in amongst all the arfletes........

    see ya Sunday folks.........
  • last run done, both bikes packed.. will be catching the plane tomorrow at 9 am...

    Will be watching out for pirates !

  • I shall let Viv know, so be nice if you're approached by a smiley stranger who calls me Julie.
  • oh - and have a fab time, of course!!

  • <peeps in.....aha, this is the right place....>

    Go Cartman, Tishymouse and other pirates!!
  • Boy am I glad that's over.
    That was the toughest race I've ever done, went off too quick on the bike and paid for it on the run.
    Unnerved by the amount of ambulances, including a helicopter, hope everyone's ok.
    Feel rubbish now but I'm sure I'll be looking forward to next year by tomorrow morning!
  • from the Beeb:
    "With temperatures soaring, nine competitors in a triathlon event in Windsor, Berkshire, were taken to hospital with heat exhaustion.

    Three of the athletes were reported to be seriously ill and were taken to local hospitals."

    FB and Petal (and my bud Viv) are OK.
    hope our other chums are too.

  • We're both fine too :-) Though we provincial folk aren't used to that kind of heat! Had a great day. Race report to follow (if Cartman doesn't get there first!)
  • dunno if I enjoyed that yet...

    Had a crap swim, hyper ventilated after a really good first 100m..., breast stroked for a bit to calm down... but found it very difficult to get a rythym going... did'nt even bilateral breath, had to breath every stroke on the same side.

    Clearly need to get much more open water swimming in over the 4 weeks, as i was a lot slower than I was last year, despite a lot of pool work. Was hoping for a 25 min swim (last years OW PB), took nearly 31 mins :-(

    Had an even crapper T1, had to fit garmin to bike (still in my bag !), and faffed too much, and helmet fell off, spent nearly 5 mins in transition, should have been 3 max.

    Had a good bike, averaged 22 mph for the 26 miles (HR was a steady 158 during this which was good). Taking 1hr 10mins

    T2 was good, 1min 29secs...

    Had an OK run, 43:50 for 10k, first loop felt great, would have liked to have got 42 summat, but was severily pissed off on the last leg of the run when I realised that I no chance of a sub 2:30 I stopped trying and just pottled in in a bad mood :(

    finished in 2:31, slower than last year, which is disappointing, but its all down to the bad swim and T1, so glad to get those bad experiences out of the way this year, learn from them and move on. Swim and bike were up and given the heat that was good.

    Nice to see you FB and Dermot. HR did'nt see you out on the run course, you were too fast !!
  • Well done to everyone who competed in this today, particularly those of you who started later in the Olympic distance event as the heat was terrible, and I was just marshalling! Seeing you all achieving that was very inspiring and almost (but not quite) tempted me to go for it next year. Fortunately sanity (and the thought of cold water) has prevailed.
    Still, I think you're all heroes for running up Windsor High Street 3 times in that heat. See you all next year (as I may have said to a few of you with mixed response) :)
  • Pleased to meet some pirates at the weekend.

    Did not however enjoy the swim - some direction finding device would seem to be in order.

    Thanks to Tishy for waking me up on the run, when I was just going through the motions.

    Overall 2.32.41 which was not quite as good as hoped, but mainly down to the swim and first lap on the run when I could not seem to get interested in it until I was encouraged by TM.

    Thanks also to Buckers for sending the kit which arrived on Saturday morning and proved perfectly comfortable - if bright......
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    well - that was interesting.....(morning all - great to meet Andy, Cartman and Dermot as well.....)

    swim was OK - into T1 at hindsight I could have gone harder, but I didn't............

    out onto the bike and felt good so decided to give it some welly........averaged 34kph for the ride........BUT went to get my fuel bottle out of the cage for a frist drink, and promptly dropped the bloody NO drink at all for the 42k ride, so flagged a bit coming back up the Drift Road but picked it up again into Windsor............

    into T2, desparate for a drink and guzzled as much from my 2nd bottle as I could do so in short time...............which then gave me stomach cramps on the run...........

    run was tough in that heat, and with my build - 56 mins...........shite, shite, shite.................but I blame my dehydrated state.....

    total time - 2:46:44 - 2:11 in front of Petal.........

    AND - only one water station on the run...........c'mon Human Race - you need to do better than that given the conditions.........
  • OK, feeling much better now.
    2.37 which is a new PB (just) but took 5 minutes off my Windsor time for last year.
    I'm sorry not to have got down to the time I wanted but I'm blaming the heat!
    Just one thing left to say......
    (or at Eton or London if you're racing there...)
  • bloody hell FB, no drink during that bike ride !! and then that run !

    Did'nt realise til afterwards how dehydrated i had got..

    its was nice to meet everyone, apart from HR who I missed..

    Can't wait for IMCH, its gonna be great on the run seeing everyone..
  • Well my race started badly but I ended up having a fab birthday race :-)

    Had a bit of a panic before the start (lost my swim cap) so didn't have time to lay out my transition gear properly (more of which later).

    Water was nice and warm even at 6:20 so my sleeveless wetsuit not a problem. My swim was very very slow, even though I was front-crawling/bilateral breathing all the way. Being passed by breaststrokers and the swim ponces 2 waves behind not much fun. Had a few moments of panic and hyperventilating but I knew I could do the distance so just stuck at it. 40 minutes into T1. :-(
    T1 was not a success. Was faffing around for ages and was finally about to get on the bike when I realised I’d put on my trainers instead of my bike shoes (which were still in my bag). Ahem. About 4 ½ minutes I reckon.

    The cycle though was lovely. I passed hardly anyone but it felt pretty fast to me. If the course was really 26M (my speedo read 25M) I averaged 17.3 MPH. 1:30.

    And the run was great, if a bit hot. Notched up a lot of positions I think. Just under 54 minutes.

    Overall 3:08 (doesn’t look great in the results but I’m dead chuffed as I was expecting to do about 3:30).

    Well done to the organisers. Human Race always put on a good show (but I might just be biased cause they put a Happy Birthday sticker on front of my info pack). And to be fair there were actually 4 water stations on the run - at the start then once on each lap.

    Really nice to meet you Dermot. For my part I was amusing myself on the run looking out for pirates. I did give a ‘go pirate’ shout to HandyRunner and to FB but I don’t think they clocked me till it was too late. Chris got a ‘go toxic chemicals’ cheer.

    Well done to Petal. Storming time! Think I’ll be bringing up the rear in Zurich but I’m already looking forward to it. Entry will be submitted this week...
  • PS Just in case anyone misconstrues the final paragraph I am of course referring to the Zueri Olympic Tri on the Saturday not the secondary event taking place the day after...
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    well done Tishy - a bit of Transition training would help though.... ;O))

    it would have helped yesterday though if there had been one other water station on the course - say at the bottom of the hill - as it was so hot..........quite a few cases of dehydration and collapse I hear........and that's the only criticism I have of Human Race yesterday.......

    I did hear someone shout out "go pirate" but didn't clock you sorry.........a couple of blokes also said it - no idea who they were...............and one of the marshalls mentioned the kit to one of his mates - he seemed absolutely fascinated by it...strange man!
  • yarr harr. the pirate revolution seems to be picking up a bit of momentum. we're becoming famous throughout the length and breadth of tri-land!
  • Hope it's not..."Watch those pirate lot...they're shit!"
  • I like the kit, too... Was he talking about the kit, or the fit, FB?!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    I didn't see if he had a limp wrist Jon......
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