good races in Bucks & Beds?

Some suggestions already (thanks to BB and HH) -

"Maulden 5 mile (halfway between Luton and Bedford) on 2nd July (Saturday)

Luton Hoo 5 mile on 3rd July (Sunday)

MK 10K on 5th July (Tuesday Evening 7:30 or 7:45). This is part of the Grand Prix series but you can run individual races and MK is a nice run which is also very flat so would recommend if you can make an evening

If you enjoy racing off-road why not enter the Marston Vale Forest 5K on Friday 24 June."

Anyone know anything about these?



  • Rusty - The Luton Hoo race is actually called The John Callaghan Memorial 5.

    Can't find it on a web-site or the events list. Can't get the Luton Athletic site to work at the moment.

    So full run-down

    This Friday 17th Colworth 5 6:30. Beautiful run just past Sharnbrook (where Paula Radcliffe went to School) top of Bedfordshire off the A6

    2nd July Maulden Woods

    3rd July John Callaghan

    5th July - MK 10K

    12th August - Cranfield 5 (Friday night)

    14th August - Bearbrook 10K (Aylesbury

    21st August - Embankment 5 in Bedford (as mentioned in Paula's autobiography - well not the race but the route - swore at coach for sounding her car horn to slow her down - thought it was local youths !)

  • Thanks BB - just cross posted again!

    As you can see I've been playing instead of working - now I know how to post links anyway!

    The MK looks best from the point of view of my diary, I can just about make it after my youngest's piano lesson(!) but I really fancy the Maulden one. Will work on negotiating that one with Mr Rusty I think. Or Luton Hoo - but Luton doesn't sound as if it's going to be too scenic!?

  • Bearbrook 10 is very good (can be a bit warm)
  • N - can't do Bearbrook, unfortunately. Got other things on in August, hols and children. What do you do when you have to go on holiday somewhere hot? Do you get up in the dead of night to run? I gave up last summer because it was never cool enough.

    Anyway, have decided on Maulden 5 (have postponed the in-laws till Sunday) That thread is deadly quiet - is anyone else running there?
  • Maulden is very scenic.

    Actually Luton Hoo is the most scenic Luton run as you come out of the Vauxhall sports ground which is quite nice and turn straight up to the Hoo which is lovely....BUT last year we weren't able to run all the way up to and around the Hoo so had to turn halfway up the drive and do two laps. Still fairly scenic, unlike the Luton 10K which starts in the same place, also goes up to the Hoo but 4km to 9km is through Luton town centre including a delightful pass by the back of the Arndale centre. That run is on 28th August I think..

    Anyway probably will do Maulden but probably not the Hoo. My wife has tickets to Wimbledon final day (no not the men's final but Court one so probably the youngsters, the oldies and maybe a doubles). Anyway will go down to my parents in Croydon on Saturday but hoping to make it after Maulden so see you there.

    Luton web-site is
  • Did any of you guys do the Colworth Challenge as you are local to Beds? I did and are still aching - be nice to know somoene else was suffering too!!
  • Rusty if you are looking for something scenic there is a new 20 & 10 miler starting at the top of Dunstable Downs on the 18th of September.

    Its all off road around the Beds, Bucks and Herts countryside.
  • Wycombe 1/2 July 10th
  • 22 October - Ampthill Trophy is a challenging 5m XC race in Ampthill Park, but the scenery's excellent, plenty of buzz and you get the usual Flyer's attention to detail.

    The Ampthill Trophy is scheduled to coincide with the start of the XC season.

    Enter on-line or check-out the event website:

  • F Monkey do you know who is organising the Dunstable Downs 10 & 20m?

    PS you any relation to B Monkey?
  • GK the dunstable road runners are organising the 10 & 20 some details are up on thier web site at

    no relation to B Monkey
  • What's the Waddeson Manor summer 5k like on July 20. It sounds good?
  • Normski - Did the Colworth 5 this year but couldn't do the challenge as booked out got the weekend. Given the temperatures on the weekend I am actually glad. A half marathon in 31C with little shade isn't much fun.

    As we are looking further out in the year I believe there is a 7.5 mile run around 9th October in Luton. Rotary centenary event from Stopsley Regional sports centre. I'll see If I can find more details as not sure I haev remembered the date (although sure it was October) nor the distance correctly !

    Pizza long time no hear. Ran a 10K at Waddeson a couple of years back and it a very pleasant setting for a run. Can be a little undulating but then again not sure where the 5km run actually goes.

    Looking forward to 2006 as on only the second day Luton get to beat Watford at Kenilworth Road :-)
  • Nice 10km run around Woburn in October. You actually go through the safari park.
  • cranfield 5k on 8th July at 8pm
  • cough, splutter, 4-0 <;0)

    Get 2 tickets Brooksie. If we win you pay if you win I pay, a draw is obviously pay our own.
  • Pizza but will you turn up. You always say you will do the Luton Relay but I think you have an aversion to the place :-)

    If you're serious remind me nearer the time and you are on.

    Another run is Blisworth 5 mile on Friday 29th July @ 7:30pm. OK it is Northants but only just off Jct 15 so only just up the M1 from Beds and Bucks.
  • Maulden is a great run. Unfortuantely unable to make it this year though.

    And Rusty if you wanted to take Mr Rusty and Rusty Jnr's then it's on at the schools summer fete, so lots of things for them to do or they can just have a nice walk in the woods!!
  • Brooksie, see you on the Championship thread
  • If you fancy a decent off-road race you will find few better than the Ampthill Trophy, 23 October.

    This traditional race combines a tantalising blend of challenging hills with an opportunity to stretch the legs over terrain where GB stars Liz Yelling, Paula Radcliffe and Huw Lobb learnt their craft.

    OK the Ampthill Trophy is slightly different from the Flitwick 10K, but expect the same cheery marshals and attention to detail.

    Enter on-line or check out the race website:

  • On-line and postal entries for the Ampthill Trophy have now closed. However, there are still some entries left.

    Late entries desk opens at 9am on race day, 23 October.

    We intend to publish a list of race entrants on the event website later this week.

    Hope that you all enjoy the race.
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