Looking for a training partner

Hi there I have been training alone since I began. I have tried to go to running clubs but I don't actually like running with that many people. Either they are way too fast or not fast enough. Ideally I would like to run with one or two others who want the to acheive the same results. I like running on Exmoor where I am from but I study in Brighton so I am split between the two. So far I have not found any exciting runs in Brighton. To be honest nothing seems to come close to the beautiful running on Exmoor. However I really would like to find someone either on Exmoor or in Brighton who already regulary runs 3 to 3 1/2 hour hilly runs and is interested in training up to go further. Last year I worked up to 30 miles but I had to stop because of injury. Now I am ready to increase the mileage. If your interested FIRSTLY I AM SLOW very SLOW. Put me at the bottom of a 10 mile hill and I'll do it BUT I AM SLOW. I do time myself sporadicaly and I think I am about a 8 and 1/2 minute miler... I think. Is there anyone out there that is interested? One girl at my local running club was interested but she did not want to give up the friday and Saturday night out. Maybe there is someone outh there who is?!!


  • Hi Suzi,

    There's a thread here where people have been posting in search of running partners. It may be worth taking a look and/or posting there too.

    Good luck :)
  • I've set up a training mates link on www.badlytrainedmonkey.com to let you register your details and view other people who may be looking for training mates in your area. If you find someone suitable you can then email them via the site.

    Email addresses are not displayed on the site and will only be revealed to someone you contact via the site.

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions then contact me via either the contact us link or via this site.

    Best Wishes for 2003 to you all.

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