Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2



  • Oooo sorry folks, not a nice image for you, especially at teatime! Just got my summer stuff out and tried a pair of shorts on. Oh dear, oh dearie, dearie, dear.
  • Evening guys!

    Hope everyone is well.


  • Evening image

    Thanks for the donation Kev, and I guess Sue ?

    Tracey, all women think their bottoms are large. I'm sure you are over-egging it.
  • Over-egging, over-pieing, over-chipping...

    3M tonight was 'orrible - pyramids in increments of 100m. It went on forEVER and I am now going to bed.
  • Hello all

    When I get my purse, I will donate as well WA.  A great cause.

    Spent the afternoon and evening in a staff meeting.  Very enjoyable.

    Hope it all went well Seren.

  • Sleep well Tracey.  Sounds like a hard session.image
  • morning - yes 'twas I Alex. Sorry, I thought you would be able to see who had donated without me having to say.. I can see the email addy of the donator on my just giving site.

    Another day - more work.

    I had a nice trip to Merthyr yesterday. Finding the hospital was a bit of a challenge, but when I did it was a delight. It's a small old fashioned hospital with lots of  lovely cheap, cooked on the premises food (ok the veg was done to death just like mothers - but you can't have everything) and lovely friendly staff falling over themselves to make me comfortable and supplying coffee. A huge difference to the experience in the newer smart facilities I went to in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago.

    Back to the realities of the Upper Afan Valley today image

  • morning all

    trace sounds like a nightmare session.hope you slept.......

    i didn't have a great night...

    Chris if your doing abingdon again the travelodge is doing a sale again and the rooms at the newbury one we stayed at are only £9 at the moment for a double/family room

  • Morning all

    Thanks Seren, will get it booked nowimage

  • Seren, thanks for the tip off, i'm inimage. And I see the race is now closedimage. I take it your in?
  • closed all ready image.....no I'm just spectating.....terry is doing it.again..........I'm doing beachy head the week afterimage
  • Evening all!

    No probs Alex - best of luck.

    Looking forward to watching the Llanelli Marathon on Sunday (in between my exams!).

    Taking Amelia to guitar lessons now - catch you later. 


  • Hello all

    Lets hope its good weather for Sunday Seren.  The light breeze we had today would be perfect.

    More sports therapy today and thats it for  now.  Hope to build up the mileage slowly.


  • Evening,

    Nice run tonight, and a cool down in the sea after. Two weeks ago when I was in the sea I was screaming like a girl, tonight it was almost warm image

    You running it or watching Kev ?

    Nutty, good that you are still running.
  • Hi Alex

    Last year when i asked advice on the marathon,you mentioned salt tablets,where do i get them and when do i take them?image

  • Salt Stick capsules can be found here. If you want a few for the weekend I have some you can have. Let me know. I would take two the evening before, two with breakfast then perhaps one at half way, one at 19 or 20 miles.
  • Cheers Aleximage I can always rely on you for helpful informationimage

  • I have sent you an email.

  • No I haven't, you have them turned off. But let me know if you want me to post you a few today.
  • Alex my e mail link does not work,but i have just ordered some online ,thanks for the offer anywayimage

    See you next weekimage

  • Morning

    Lovely out there. Brave boy swimming in the sea Alex, I thought I was mad but I haven't been in this year yet. Walked across the causeway to Worm's Head yesterday, it was really beautiful over there. A seal was messing about in the water by the causeway, no more than 5 metres away from us, he was looking at us as if to say "come on in, its lovely!"

  • Afernoon allimage

    Lovely and sunny yes, but I wouldn't fancy a dip in the sea just yet - suppose it saves on water for a cold bath!


    You would need a nice warm pie after such an adventure...

    Mmmmm Pies image

  • afternooon all

    RW wouldn't come out to play this morning (it's still a bit slow now)

    so missed the opportunity to say


    Have some cake


  • Yes, Happy Birthday Nutty image

    Hope your 21st year goes well for you !
  • happy birthday Clare - enjoy cake pie!


  • Hello all

    Thanks for your good wishes.  

    Started the day with a run across the beach, lovely image.  Spent the day in work then with family for tea.  Have been thoroughly spoilt.  Lovely day out today.

    Time for bed I think.

  • Have a good one Nutty person!  Sorry I'm a bit late. It's been a long week & I'm sooo weary. I'd better get my act together over the next 8 days.
  • Happy Birthday NR.

    Alex - just watching this year. The Llanelli Half Marathon was enough of a challenge (for the moment).

    Night all


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