Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2



  • Happy birthday Kev and good luck with the exam. Doing an exam on your birthday entitles you to an extra piece of birthday cake, enjoy.

    Sorry to hear that the knee and ankle boys are still suffering, soon be over though and you can have a rest and sort yourselves out.

    Been having trouble with my breathing lately and now Doc reckons it might be exercise induced asthma. Don't want to believe it obviously but just don't see how it can be true. Apart from a bit of a cough I'm fine till I start running or swimming, surely you have a bad chest which gets worse when you exercise if you have asthma? My chest is fine most of the time. Trouble is, if you push too hard when your chest is really tight, you do real damage to yourself and end up with CODP. My lung capacity is already really low, so I can't afford to screw this up. Current policy is try taking the ventolin for a couple of weeks and see if it gets better.

  • "so I can't afford to screw this up"

    Mrs WA gets this and uses an inhaler running. Her asthma was working in Port Talbot induced asthma.
  • tracey.. I believe Rio developed this a years or so ago............her running just felt harder and harder as a result.when she started taking the inhalers it suddenly jumped back to where it was..........image

    I'm so jealous of you sue................think of me.................I will have my breakfast in bed watching it all.but wiould much rather be running it...........

    next year our birthday is on easter bank hioliday monday as easter is the latest i have known.and VLM will have been and gone....

  • Morning

    Happy birthday Kevimage

    That's really frustrating news Tracey - as you say, keep on with the ventolin and see if you get the improvement. Running or not, breathing is just one of those fundamental things that you can't do without! Do take care.

  • Boffin wrote (see)

    , breathing is just one of those fundamental things that you can't do without!

    like Pieimage
  • Mmmmmm pie image
  • Just been catching up with all your posts over the last couple of weeks. I stopped getting notifications for some reason so forgot to check in and before you know it a fortnight has passed - where does the time go?



    Seren - Belated congrats on your PB - excellent job!

    WA - hope the ankle is getting less puffy as we speak.

    Tracey - If you have exercise induced asthma then the ventolin should make a big difference so well worth giving it a go.

  • Right guys. Exams all done - no more until October. Time to pack the car, pick up the kids from school and clear off to North Wales for the weekend.

    WA & FL - I'll keep an eye out for you on TV image

    Thanks everyone for all your wishes.


  • "WA - hope the ankle is getting less puffy as we speak." - Thanks Kev, do keep an eye out. I am off up to the smoke any minute. Just been to the gym and done some stretching. Its all systems go !
  • evening

    message from George

    " FLM brings back memories - good and bad !! but not sure if I'm looking forward to enjoying Sunday as an increasingly fatter spectator   ...  but hoping it'll inspire me to get off my even fatter backside !!!

    Can't log onto the runnersworld forum but still lurking, can you please say hello to everyone and good luck for Sunday.All the best"
  • Hello all

    Say hello to George Sue.  Tell him to drop come along to the pub afterwards. Would be great to catch up.

    Hope you have a great time away Kevin.

    Tracey - I am really sorry to hear that.  Looks like it can ease up though so fingers crossed image

    Hope the journey up went okay WA.  Enjoy your couple of days before the big one.

    I went for a little run tonight and really enjoyed.

    Look forward to catching up with some of you over the weekend.

  • I like Ventolin. Had a good swim at lunchtime and just had a lovely five mile run around the parks of West Swansea. First time in ages I have been able to get up the hills and feel comfortable on the flat. Maybe there is something in this after all!

    Aw George! Mwah, mwah! Give him a big hug for me, the lovely man! I will never forget Rome - went with Sue for the marathon in 2006 and met Sweetie, Boffin, George and a couple of other nice peeps for the first time. It was a really magical time - Rome is gorgeous, George was our own personal tour guide and we had such a brilliant laugh in excellent company.
  • HI NR image I will be wearing a pink Leonard Cheshire Dissability vest so lookout for me ,hoping to go around 3hr 30image Are you going to the same pub as FL and gang? Hope to see you somewhere if i am still standingimage
  • Hi Mark

     Usually end up in Chandos. Good luck.  I will shout if I see you image

    Great news Tracey.  Onwards and upwards for you.

  • Last run done until Sunday's low-profile event!  Hope to see some of you there - it'll be quiet enough for us to bump into one another won't it!!!

    I'll be in Celtic Tri gear on this occasion & as I'm travelling with Rose & Terry from the club (and my wife, who's also running, is in Celtic Tri too) so am too scared to wear my 3M kit!

    Hope all injuries are easing-off and a wave of confidence is returning to the camp!

    Best wishes to all ......am I gonna eat some pie next week or what!!    image

  • Good luck GraV.  May see you in the Expo on Saturday.

  • Hi there Folks image In the Ibis by Excel so will be first in to the expo tomorrow. Got and incredible 7.2 mbps connection on my mobile which I am using as a modem for my laptop to save the £9.99 charge the hotel makes for the tinternet.

    Hi George image I'll give you a bell tomorrow.

    Good luck to everyone running, even me image
  • Morning allimage

    Tracey, hope you get the breathing sorted out.

    GraV hope to see you there mate. What start you on?

    Last day of work for a whileimage

    Anyone got a spare knee I can borrow pleaseimage

  • You can have my knee FL - I haven't used it for ages.

    Trouble is it is considerably slower than your other knee so you'll just end up running round in circles.....

  • good luck all of you...........I will be one of the few left behind..............its a bit like the pied piper isn't itimage
  • Morning all

    WA - enjoy the Expo.

    FL - you can have mine if you like, can I have your ankle?

    Good luck to you all.  Even those watching at home which can be nerve wracking!!

  • morning all

    Two more sleeps <wibble>

  • Sweetie/NR can I take them both please, Sweetie if yours is slow and Nutty's is supper fast they should just balance out for meimage.

    NR, you can have the ankle on Monday if that's okimage.

  • It's going to get awful confusing if you lot keep swapping bits.

    Good luck all, especially Sweetie's knee and Nutty's ankle which haven't had quite as much time to train as the rest of you
  • Morning spare parts runnersimage

    Hope you VLM racers have a great weekend on the hottest day of the year so far - take on plenty of fluid... but not too much! - Enjoy the expo... got to be the worst part of any of these city marathons IMHO!

  • I need an ankle off someone, left preferably.
  • You don't want mine (either of them) that is for sure!! image

  • My left ankle is OK and I won't be using it on Sunday, but it is used to attach to a size 2.5 foot, so might not be beefy enough.
  • Welsh Alex wrote (see)
    I need an ankle off someone, left preferably.
    I'll fight you for it Alex image
  • Afternoon all

     While we are all swapping bits can I be cheeky and ask for some hair as well please(preferably from the headimage) Save me having to wear a hatimage.

    Works all done for a few days so lets get this party startedimage.

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