Nike 10K

Anyone else here doing the Nike 10K run on the Sept 22nd in London. My running partner has dropped out, note I am a basic beginner so need someone else on the same level.


  • Hi, Im running this too as my first 10k without a partner, as the race filled up before I had chance to pressgang anyone!

    im training using the intermediate program on the website. I was going to aim for a 60 min time but when I tried to run at that pace at the gym I was completely exhausted.

    Hows your training going, any idea of time?

    good luck

  • If I can do it in 60minutes I will be amazed, at the moment I'm just getting used to running however I hope to join in one of the Nike 5K training runs in the next 2 weeks or so, I'll post when I am going to do that and maybe we can do it together :)

    Where are you based in London?

  • Hi Gemini and Jeanette

    I am signed up to do the run but am finding it diffucult training on my own it is getting the motivation when my partner is sitting on the sofa doing nothing !!!

    Where about in London are you I work in the City and live Rotherhithe it would be great help to me and i am sure yourselves if we could maybe train together
  • i thought details weren't posted for this yet?! i put my e-mail address on their site to get notified. is it closed already? i hope not!
  • yeah, i'm a bit confused too..they've not announced the details yet...????
  • And the 22nd Sept is a wednesday....????
  • Ummm, guys....

    Look at the date of those original posts. *2002*

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