Training - Monday 30 December

Bah! Well my long run yesterday went to pot. Foot pain after three hilly miles. Never mind - I'll be right as soon as I get a new pair of shoes. :)

So, today:

What: Nothing
Why: Don't fancy further crippling myself ;)

Last hard: Hill session, Xmas Day.
Last rest: Today.


  • Hi,
    Back to 'work' today.
    Last hard: Boxing Day 10k race
    then nothing until
    Yesterday :7.5mile around my local country roads - in the pouring rain of course
    NYD- quarter Marathon-unless too hung over...

    hoping for a quiet day at work..

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Taking it easy today - still not 100% ( see yesterdays whinge).

    Hopefully going out for a run tomorrow.
    Fresh motivation arrived with the new issue of RW (and training schedules) and LPG running tours mag (Greenland/Tromso and Chicago all making an impresson).

  • What: Hills session
    Why: I'm due one and want an easy tomorrow before Weds Hyde Park run which will count as my speed session
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last easy: Boxing day
    Last rest: Saturday

  • What: long run, not sure how far yet.
    Why: Relatives are now on Day 11 of their visit, making the idea of a long run very attractive indeed! Will run home from today's outing.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: last mon.

    Also having 2nd day off alcohol before New Year's Eve; have drunk every day since before Christmas.
  • What: 5 Miles, First Mile Slow, Middle Three Miles Quick, Last Mile Slow.
    Why: Schedule Says So

    Last hard Day: Saturday 10 mile Run
    Last Rest Yesterday
  • What: Rest up, scoff those yummy carbs.
    Why: Race day tomorrow so I'm allowed to pig out. A bit.
    Hard: Once upon a time.
    Rest: Day before yesterday. I have no idea what day that was.
  • What: 4 miles easy
    Why: New training schedule says so
    Last Hard : Yesterday - 10.5 mile
    Last Rest : Friday
  • Nothing
    Bloody ill
  • What: 800m swim and weights
    Why: I think that's what HH advises
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Xmas day
  • Dustin, Benz hope you feel well again soon.
    PSI, hope your foot isn't too bad. Good to buy shoes in the Jan sales.

    What:5 mile recovery run
    Why: no circuits today so decided a easy run would do nicely. Weather was great too, making even more inviting.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Sat
  • Did it, took just under 2 hrs at 70% whr to get home. Started running out of steam after an hour but felt better after I'd forced myself to eat the very squashed banana at the bottom of my bum bag.
    Will now measure the route, it'd better be at least 13 miles!

    Get better soon Hippo.
  • What: Nothing rest day
    Why: Programme says so
    Last hard day: Yesterday with long run of ca 14 miles with last six at marathon pace
    Last rest day before today: last Tuesday

  • What: mile intervals. 4 x 1 mile off 400m recovery. Each mile faster than the last. Starting at 7 minute miling, the last at 6 minute mile pace. then another 400m @ 6 min pace, then recovery.

    Why: County XC champs on Sunday on a boring almost flat course so I wanted to practise moving my legs faster than normal.

    No more hard sessions this week.

    Next rest: probably Saturday
  • I cheated and did it on the treadmill because my (only) flat off road route is waterlogged and I didn't fancy it on our narrow (and undulating) lanes.
  • What: 6 miles fast (for me) with the Club
    Why: it's Monday

    Last hard: y/day
    Last rest: Thursday

  • I did it - my hill reps. Nine reps, 15 mins, HR between 80 and 85 per cent at the top of the hills - needs to be 90 per cent I think! ah, well, can't do everything. It was raining all day, so I'm pleased with myself. Total running time 55 mins. Well done Laura, I'm sure you did more than 13 miles. And well done Hilly, Johnny and all those on the other page..
  • what: nothing
    why: would have scheduled a day off anyway - but legs invariably feel quite dead the day after my long run now.

    last hard(ish) day: Fri
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    Bugs all around - elder son's voice starting to go; mother (who I saw yesterday, when she was probably just starting with it) even worse. Hope the echinacea keeps them all at bay......
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Johny, I cheated too! Simply because the track is shut during the Christmas period.

    Don't know about you but I find the treadmill harder for this session than the track.

    What: 10k alternating pace run on treadmill
    Why: schedule
    Last hard day: today
    Rest: yesterday

  • What: 1.5 mile x-country.
    Why: I was knackered after a nine and a half hour early shift.
    Last rest: Yesterday after work.
    Next run: Cleethorpes New Years Day 10k.
  • Hi,
    what: Treadmill:easy run: 20mins, 3k at 9k/h
    & x-trainer, chest press, biceps.
    Why: Gym close early tomorrow so I can't go!
    Last Hard : yesterday

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!
  • Hi all, catch up time,
    What: 6 Miles 'Dad Fartlek', (i.e I run with me old man, wait for him to cathc up, then run again, counts towards 'qualit time' quota)
    Why: Needed an easy session after yesterdays long run
    Last Hard: Yesterday, technically
    Last Rest: Friday
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