Nearly New Heart Rate Monitor

Hi Everyone
I'm the proud owner of a nearly new Sigma Sport heart rate monitor. Only trouble is, there are no instructions on which buttons to press to set it up. I can get my heart rate o.k. on it but could someone please tell me how I enter my training zones etc. I've never used one of these things before but am told they are a good aid to training. Any advice would be gratefully received.


  • Here is there website(in English):

    It use's macromedia flash so if you don't have the plug-in you will have to download it.

    There is an Adobe Acrobat instruction manual for their HRM's there which you can read on-line or dwonload
  • Thanks Podge

    I got onto the site but my HRM is a Sigma PC6 and there does'nt seem to be anything for that. I've e-mailed Sigma - heres hoping!
  • Hi Munchkin, did you get instructions ? Or was it you who sold me mine from ebay ! lol. Thanks Tammy

  • Not sure I would have brought a 10 yr old HRM  image

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