RW's new schedules

Do we prefer simplicity or detail of previous schedules? I think I like the new ones best, but would rather like a space for a log of what I've actually done. I wrote my actual training on last year's schedules, and we like logging don't we... come on RW give us the world


  • I think I prefered the old format of being told what to and when. The new scheduals give me a choice of when to do what. Makes me all confused like.
  • Like the flexibility of the layout, those of us with irregular working hours are probably better off this way. From memory last year's were harder weren't they? Had 2 speed sessions each week for virtually all pace groups.

    Still not sure what I'm going to follow, making it up as I go along in the meantime.

    Are you using these schedules Snicks? How does it fit in with the timing of the Connemarathon?
  • The timing is good, I am now on week 3. The actual program seems to be easier but that might change in the next couple of weeks, just have to get used to the WHR approach rather than running as I want to all the time, if you know what I mean.
    I like the idea of being given a set number of key sessions to complete in the week rather than following a program set in stone because if you miss a session you feel you have to catch up all the time.

    Mind you this approach has been used by "Running Fitness" magazine for a while.
  • By the way, several people on the training thread, myself included, have been doing longer runs for a while already whereas the schedules start at 8 miles for the long run (for the 3.45 group I'm looking at). Isn't that quite short?

  • Good to hear some points of view on the schedule in the magazine as I am fairly new to running. Trained to do half marathon last year but did my own thing.

    Now applied to do Sheffield full I need some guidance. Was working from the Web sites schedules until the magazine dropped through my front door and now am not to sure. Like the flexibility of the new one but I like to be told what to do when.

    So I think I might do a mix of both.

  • I'd not noticed the new schedules in the magazine until I read this. I've just taken a look, and I don't really like the idea of running just 4 days a week. I think I'll have a look at the schedule on the website.
  • Laura, as Sarcy says we should be on week 3 for Conne now. I wrote out my own schedule for Dublin based on other commitments (for example only 1/2 hour spare on Thursday) and I'll do the same this year using last year's and this year's RW schedules. At the moment, having not written out a schedule yet, I'm roughly following this formula: speed, hills, long run, steady medium distance run and anything else I can fit in is bonus. I refer to the scheudles for types of speed session suggestions. It's all very rough and ready!
  • I booked for the Flora London (sic)half yesterday and was looking for a schedule to follow whilst pretending to work. Because of the unpredictability of work I like the idea of a flexible plan, but I'm not convinced by the RW plan.

    So I'm going to make it up as I go along, adding a bit of distance OR upping the quality a bit each week. Which I guess is pretty much what is intended. I also have a shiny new HRM and plan to bring that into use as of tomorrow - so that my runs aren't all single paced trudges.
  • I'm naff at committing to a run of a certain distance on a certain day - Longest i've ever stuck to a schedule is 2 sessions - how do you all do it? what do you do if you miss a session?
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