Any Advice?

Although the kid isn't due until 22nd December (being a December baby myself I always swore I'd never do it to my kids... oops!!!) I want to buy a buggy for use while running, and hoped someone out there may have some good advice!! Thanks :-)


  • Baby Jogger II - they are fab but a tad pricy but seeing as its not due till December you have plenty of time to save up. You cant actually use them until the baby is 3-5 months old when they can support their own heads.
  • try eBay if money's a bit short.
    congrats on the impending arrival (i'm a december baby - 29th and mr TP is on 24th.)
  • That's great, thanks!! My dad has said he'll buy the pushchair so price isn't my issue *grin* I guess until it's five months my husband will be left holding the baby...
    Can it be used as a normal pushchair until 3 months or is it a no no for that too?
  • The baby jogger II was used for the 1/2 marathon world record.


    Earlier in the day, City of Norwich AC's Neil Davison posted a new world best for a half marathon while pushing a pram when he clocked 1.15.02 for the 13.1 mile distance. Davison now awaits ratification of his effort from the book of Guinness World Records.

    so get one and see how you get on.
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