How organised is your club ?

So, you arrive, have a chat and then go out the door for a run. Who decides where, how fast etc. Who is in charge ?Or do you make it up as you go along ?


  • Monday & Wednesday: arrive, warm up (jogging round field followed by stretches)...break into groups according to speed....toddle off on run. Each group is led by 2/3 coaches and there is a schedule each month so you can see what your group is due to do (hills, steady, lamp-posts, tempo etc).

    Speedwork at the track each Friday. Same basic session for all, but split into 3 groups by speed, with the slower groups doing less repeats and/or longer recoveries

    Informal weekend runs are arranged by various individuals, usually based on the group you run with during the week (makes sense as they are your speed group)
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    Meet up Wednesday, pay money, chat, announcements, then running time.

    Out on the track for a coached session, or off to the great outdoors with whatever group suits your speed. Choice of 4 or 5 groups, depending on who turns up. Routes are a complete mystery, run & be surprised (I know I take one of the groups...)
  • Tracks, coaches ?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Turn up, chat, decide it's time to run, split into 3 groups and make it up as we go along. Last few miles turns into a race.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    That's my old club anyway - never go down to my new club but they do track/hill sessions one night (which I'm not keen on) and then a shorter run the other which I'm told doesn't turn into a race - so I don't think I'd be that keen on it either.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Monday beginners and intermediates - route/session decided by me each week, 'faster' runners group and decide what to do depending on who turns up.

    Wednesday 'club' night - just introducing a bit of structure to this, hills one week, club 3 mile handicap first Weds of month, but groups form themselves each week depending on who's there, time of year, where people are in their training (eg lots of long runs pre-London) etc. Beer and some food after a shower.

    Friday usually session at local track but hill sessions in Richmond Park some weeks during summer months.

    Sundays informal long runs or races, including club grand prix events. Lunch time rehydration session at clubhouse to swap stories of morning's races.
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