hope we all got out there today to kick off the 15 weeks schedule?

god bless us, every one


  • Er, I started with a rest day
  • Ill, not running
    Hey, we were wondering where youd gone WWR
  • Yeah - I think I posted yesterday saying "Where's WWR??"

    Good to have you back anyway - hope your legs hold up well enough to run this time. It was you who had to drop out a day or two before wasn't it?
  • are we supposed to be running today?
    best get out there
  • iain

    yes it was me who had to drop outafter the 400 miles of training

    this year i'm starting off a better november and decmeber base, but am heavier (as a result of not training for 4 months last year) and can feel stiffness in the old war wound already....
  • I had to drop out as well a day or two before with a virus in the end. To say I was pi$$ed off is an understatement. Training had been going great!

    Didn't run much over the summer, now I'm back with a vengeance and running further than this time last year. I can't wait for April 13th - I've got an old score to settle with 26.2 miles of London!
  • Okay - okay I'll go!

    How many days does the training programme allow for "don't feel like going I opened a new case of red last night" occassions?
  • not enough, i'm afraid
  • Did a bit of speed work yesterday - haven't been able to do my long runs for 2 wks due to sore shins, but they feel fine now, doing nothing today but will be doing Hyde Park 10k tomorrow (with hangover), and if everything go's OK should be able to start my proper training for FLM.

    Happy New Year to All and see you on 13.04.03 if not before at any races.

  • On the menu for today is a 4 miler, slow with a few gentle strides (31 - 33 mins). Now that's not too taxing is it?
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