The new New Balance 854s

I've had my New Balance 854s (old type) since February this year. I've worked out I've done around 450 miles in them, and I think the heel cushioning is wearing now. I love the bounciness of them and am keen to buy the same model again, but I wondered if anyone had tried the new version?

Apparently "for 2005 it is updated with premium ACTEVA® Midsole material offering superior cushioning and midsole durability."

Has anyone tried them? Are they worth the extra few pounds?



  • I wasn't aware the price had changed. Still £69.99 RRP (?). Definitely still a good shoe and the more repsonsive and cushioned acteva is really great. I like 'em.
  • Thanks very much :-)

    I'm pleased they're more cushioned now. The only reason I ask is in some of the online stores, they're selling the older ones off for cheaper. I'm willing to pay more though as I think the extra cushioning will be worth it.

    Thanks again!
  • The NB Factory shops are selling them for £34.99 (the new one's) Here's the details for the mail order

    tel:017687 75638

    you could get 2 pairs for the price of one like I do.
  • Thanks - too late though! I could kick myself. Grrrr! Oh well, I'll definitely use that number next time. Many thanks!
  • I get a couple of pairs every spring from the factory shop for max £35 a pair. Sometimes they are even cheaper in the sales. I think I paid £29 last time.

    Mon-Fri 9.30-5.30
    Sat 9-5
    Sun 12-4

    Flimby, Maryport (near the wind farm)
    Mon-Fri 9.30-5.30
    Sat 9-5
    Sun 12-4

    Keswick, Bank Street
    Mon-Sat 9-5.30
    Sun 10-5

    There ya go - sorry for shouting - the other number is someones house I think.
  • Thank you all! After feeling slightly smug I got some for £55, am now feeling rather done!! Ah well, will definitely go to the factory shop next time.

    Incidentally, how long do you find your NB shoes last? The cushioning in mine started going after around 400 miles - is this normal? I love the shoes though, hence why I'm buying more...
  • Must admit that mine seem to lose their bounce after even less mileage than that, but that's probably because I'm a fat bugger. They can't bear more than about 300 miles of me. Because they're so cheap i don't really mind.


  • anywhere between 300 and 600 miles, depends on your weight, running style, where you run etc etc....

    The cushioning will go before the shoes start to look dilapidated or worn out.

    Be aware the shoes from the factory shops are either end of line, old stock or (mainly) seconds BUT the quality control is so tight you'd generally be hard pushed to tell a second from a first quality.

    Rach, what ARE you doing with the Llama??!!
  • ....the principal cushioning in the 854 comes from having abzorb in the heel and forefoot anyway, so don't think you'll notice much difference anyway.
  • sorry the number I ment was 017687-74631 oooooppppppps.
  • Thanks guys! I overpronate quite heavily (though I don't think I'm very heavy?!) so I guess this could cause them to wear out quicker. They certainly don't look dilapidated yet...

    I'm just walking the llama. I'm impressed you were able to see enough on that small pic to know it wasn't a friend wearing a chicken suit standing next to me ;-)
  • It's true that the factory shop cheapies are seconds but the ladies on the phone always assure me that this means only that there's some cosmetic fault like a bit of stitching out of place or a slight colour run - nothing that will affect running efficiency.

    I believe them....

  • Thanks RC. That's good to know for next time. I'll definitely use them in future :-)
  • RC, I didn't mean to imply that because the shoes are seconds means they are no good .... you are right to believe the shop staff, it's almost always something cosmetic that causes them to be rejects. Very occasionally, you will get some with a major manufacturing problem, but these are always marked as such.

    Rach E, my horse was once seriously upset by a Llama, I have since become an expert at spotting them from a great distance.
  • Slowboy - sorry about your horse. I've always thought llamas got on quite well with horses. Sorry you were the exception though :-(

    Anyway, my new NB 854s have arrived, and I went for a run with them yesterday. And my knee/ankle/foot arch problems completely disappeared! I think I'm going to have to get new shoes every 300-400 miles now as it makes such a difference.
  • I bought some NB 854's last week from my local running shop. I had to pay £63 but I don't mind as I got some expert advice and tried on 8 different shoes. They let me run outside in them all and the only ones that I preferred to the 854's were the Asics Kayano, but I could not stretch to the £110 asking price.

    I'm a heavy runner and over-pronate quite a bit. The 854's feel very well cushioned and supportive and comfy too, though I've noticed my achilles/calf after a couple of runs (never had that problem with my Saucony Grids).
  • Booohooo! I went to order my next two pairs of 854s today and the factory shop only had one pair in my size at width AA. She couldn't tell me when they'd have another pair in in my width. What's everyone else's experience? Do they have a quick stock turnaround?
  • The shop sells seconds, so they can't tell you when they'll have a particular size/width in 'cos it depends on when someone on the shop floor makes a cockup when they are making your size.

    But 854s go through the factory in some fair volume so it shouldn't take too long.
  • Thanks Slowboy! I think I'm going to have to buy some from the online store I got them from previously as my knee is hurting badly - exactly the same thing that happened when my last 854s ran out.

    Still, I'll still buy some from the factory shop when the do contact me...
  • I bought a pair of 854s last week for £70. But, having read this thread, I just ordered another pair from the NB factory outlet for £44 (£50 including postage). What's more, they didn't have any seconds so they are selling firsts at (almost) the price of seconds. Bargain!

    Now I just need to go and return the pair I bought for £70.
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