Exercise qualifications

Does anyone know of any evening/part-time classes in basic sports science and exercise nutrition?
I'm not looking for coaching qualifications, more something that will teach simple physiology and nutrition that could be applied to running and could lead to some kind of qualification
Many thanks.
PS. I'm in London.


  • Give this a try

    It is free and can be done at home in your own time.

    I am currently doing the older version of the course as are/have a lot of other forumites. I find it very useful and enjoyable.
  • Elephant Feet

    Just had a look at the great2run site - looks really good.

    I am currently training for a 5K at the end of July and then I have a 10K at the end of October, would there be a good time to start this course or does it not matter what training you are already doing?

  • Kerry, i don't think it matters at all when you start it. Good luck in your races.
  • Kerry I'm doing the great2run course at the moment. It is good, a bit repetitive in some of the assessments, but I'm finding it really useful. It doesn't matter where you are in your training, you just input your data - mile times, goal etc and it can give you a schedule, or you can create your own. I'm not using the training schedule at the moment as it told me a hlaf mara was a bit unrealistic :(, but then I did start from absolutely nothing! Also there's 9 learning zones, for the assessments.

    If there's anything you want to know, drop me a line - I'll help if I can.

  • Scilab,

    Thanks for the message. I have been on the site and filled out an application form and am looking forward to starting.

    Still trying to get my head round the fact that its free!

    This may be the first step towards a new career - just need to decide between accountancy and sport - could they be more different!

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I may well try the great2run thing. As kerrylou says, it almost sounds too good to be true.
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