Boston 2006

Is this a qualification only event or can us not so gifted entry ???


  • Sorry I meant enter.
  • Anyone can enter but they have to provide proof of having completed a marathon in the relevant qualifying time.

    18-34 M3.10 W3.40
    35-39 M3.15 W3.45
    40-44 M3.20 W3.50
    45-49 M3.30 W4.00
    50-54 M3.35 W4.05
    55-59 M3.45 W4.15
    60-64 M4.00 W4.30

    I think you have to have run the time in the last 18 months for it to be valid.
  • Shame, I would struggle to get sub 3.20 befoe this event.

  • a little off topic but, is it really fair to add a half an hour for women. I got my qualifying time second time out (w18-24, 3:40) without much effort (or dedication) and without being any kind of gifted runner. The guys I run with would have to give up their lives to running to get 3:10. Surely there are enough women in the sport now that we don't need any kind of positive discrimination? Does anyone know roughly how much faster average man can run compared to average woman?

    JB, aparently a lot of people run it every year without an official place. The organisers even cater for them so long as they start behind the registered runners (or so I've been told). Not sure if you're interested in that route.
  • I agree, I think it is slightly unfair to be so lenient on the womens qualifying times. In the London marathon for example, you only have to do sub-3.45 as an 18-49 year old woman to qualify as GFA. Men aged 18-40 on the other hand have to go sub-3hrs.

    Surely such a wide banding makes GFA virtually irrelevant as I'm pretty sure any woman aged under 30 who really wanted to, could break 3.45 without too much trouble. However it's a whole different story for anyone to try and break 3hrs.
  • I would say more illogical than unfair regarding the women’s entry time, a lot of the women in our club kick my butt week in week out on race days so why differentiate ???

    I would qualify under the women’s rules, I’m not totally hopeless,

    JO F

    Don’t fancy tagging on at the back like a gate crasher if I’m doing 26+ miles I want the Medal, T-shirt the works.
  • Leo M not saying that the qualification bandings are fair, but 'only' 3.45 isn't easy for everyone mate! Please don't put us down for trying just 'cos we 'aint fast.

    Not easy. But I will get there, even if it takes me 5 years (28 years old, first marathon time 5.51 off 20-45 miles per week over the 16 weeks training, most weeks 35ish)
  • you can buy an overseas entry to boston without a qualifying time. try sports tours international.
  • I'm not putting anyone down, and I'm not trying to belittle anyone's achievement, as just completing a marathon is impressive. I also appreciate that not everyone will have the time or inclination to try and break 3.45, but what I am saying that if someone does want a GFA place, then trying to break 3.45 as a twenty-something woman doesn't require the same level of commitment as trying to break 3hrs as a twenty-something man.

    For my last marathon my training partner was female, she's the same age as me, we have very similar lifestyles (except she smokes and I don't) and we did most of our training training together. Hence we a covered similar weekly mileage at a similar pace.

    In the end I completed the marathon in 3.40 and she did just over 4hrs. Given our commitment to training was almost equal, she only needs to knock 15 minutes off to get a GFA place, I need to knock 40 minutes off. Why should there be such a discrepancy?
  • Leo I'm right behind you on this one. Half and hour for Boston (and as you say even more for FLM) is way too much compensation.

    This article is a bit out of date but ilustrates the point.
  • Core Kricky what have I started?

    Thanks for that information M, but that makes it even more frustrating,

    I can enter if I sign up to a money making venture but as a reasonably dedicated runner that falls just short of the qualifying time I'm denied the opportunity for an independent entry.

    Now that is what I call unfair.

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