New Years Eve session

What: interval session
Why: the schedule demands it

last hard: Saturday
last rest: today

Last session of the year, make it a good one.


  • gnn!



    what: NOTHING!
    why: IT'S NEW YEARS FR!GG!NG EVE! (and also my running shoes are causing me injury. but never mind that! it's nye!)

    Last hard: Today's 'endurance session' - sleep is for the weak! ;)
    Last rest: All next week...
  • Ok, speedwork(if i get in the gym before it closes)
    or slow 4 miles
  • What: Ely 10K race.
    Why: Um.... I'll tell you later. Probably something to do with being the antidote to "You MUST get horribly pissed" New Year's Eve fascism.
    Hard: Pre-Crimbo.
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Bah humbug!
  • what: probably some kind of interval session - may try 3 x 2 miles @6:20 pace off fairly short recoveries

    why: cos I feel I have to

    last hard(ish) day: Fri
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • What: a steady slow run of around 45 mins to one hour
    Why: Hills yesterday, race tomorrow
    Last hard: Yesterday's hills
    Last rest: Saturday
    Mike - you'll feel better when you've done it
    Swerve - you don't have to, but if you do, do it in style and enjoy it!
    Sarcs - you've gone fanatical. Never mind sub 4, you'll be looking at sub 3:30 at this rate!
  • What: 2.5 miles
    Why: HH said so
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Steady hour if I can manage it.
    Feel fine and need to draw up the plan for Q1 2003 (not in FLM).
    Todays session will determine whether I'm fully recovered from the bugs of the past 10 days or wheter I'll take another weeks rest.

    Happy 2003 to all my readers.
  • What: 5 miles including 10x1min hills, jog recovery
    Why: for fun!
    Last hard: the hills, not the run
    Last rest: Sat
  • Morning everybody, here are my wishes for you for the New Year:

    - health, love and fun for you and your families
    - some runs for PB,s, some for challenge, some for your souls, some for relaxation, some for socialising

    As for today:
    What: rest day
    Why: haven't had one for over a week, and I'm out of synch with all my sessions.
    Last hard: yesterday. Long runs are hard days in my book!
    Last rest: last Mon.

    Have fun tonight whatever you're doing. I have forgiven my Dad all his misdemeanours as he has offered to drive us all home from friends' do!
  • What: 8 miles steady
    Why: midweek longish run, done today in anticipation of not feeling up to it tomorrow!
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: yesterday

    Have a good night tonight everyone!
  • What: 8 Miles, up tempo (in 52:34)
    Why: Got an **important** race this Saturday (county XC championships), so I'm jumping off the knackering Horwillian bandwagon this week. This is one of my favorite Tapering type sessions. I run it how I feel. Keeps some speed in my legs, but I dont put it any 'supreme' efforts
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Friday

    'Appy New Year One & All!
  • first post for over a week due to Christmas at the family. Suffice to say, glad to be back.

    what : about 2 miles in new pair of cross-country shoes in woods and fields.
    why : wanted a short run out but something a bit different.
    last hard : Christmas Eve
    last rest : sunday

    Happy New Year to you all. May 2003 be fun, injury free and PB's a plenty.
  • What: Hard pace session on the dreaded treadmill at lunchtime. 15 minutes warm up then 8 sets of 4 minutes (3 mins at 15km/h and one min at 16km/h) with 75 seconds slow recovery (ca 8 km/h) between. Then ten minutes warm down.

    Why: Weekly pace/interval session set out in my marathon programme

    Last hard: Sunday's long run
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Happy New Year to all and thanks to those who flagged up the contact details for Joe Timex - have justed ordered the 100 lap timex sdm for a cost of 168 usd including postage.


  • FORGOT TO SAY EARLIER, HAVE A GREAT EVENING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! See you all tomorrow, well maybe!
  • 7hrs and 11mins..........

    What: 12km run (10k @ 42mins & 2km slower pace)

    Why: Had to do 12km today because I wanted to say that I got to 300km this month in month to date.

    Last Hard: Fridays speedwork session

    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Happy New year to all, lets party!!!
  • I just went for a 7 mile cross country romp in my new air storm pegasus - first training session since the dreaded cold - ruined the look of the shoes, but to their credit i stuck to the very muddy trails like a fast moving limpet.

    Happy new year folks
  • 4 miles slowly
  • That nasty damp SE wind is back again - so out came the black Lycra running tights (Xmas pressy from Mrs S) for their debut.

    They did the job very well - more than can be said for their new owner.

    1 mile in 6:21; then 2 miles in 12:44; then 2 miles in 13:04 - these off 3 minute slow jogged recoveries.

    Called it a day at that point and jogged back home.

    Have a nice evening everyone....we'll meet again next year.
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