Toe Nails

Just looking at my minging feet and wondering if I'm above or below average??

Tiredgirl ks 3


  • Last year I lost two black toenails (big toes). This year, one of the big toes has another black nail which is soon orf to somewhere in the sky!


  • "Proud" to say my second toe (as in the one next to the big one) has turned a wonderful red colour. Does this qualify me as a runner? What causes this to happen? It was during my fastest 8 miles I have done but shoes were not new and I had socks on.
  • None from running but lost two after bringing a family down from Kinder one winter.

    There was a foot of snow on the ground and they were wandering around, lost, in T-shirts and jeans.

    They all got down without a scratch but I lost 2 toenails after kicking a rock in the dark.
  • Ouch!

    Richard Askwith in "Feet In The Clouds" alludes to a practice of spearing your toenail with a red-hot paper clip to avoid losing it completely when you get bleeding under it.

    He then says that readers wouldn't want to know more, but I certainly did! Anyone tried this?

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    I've never had any problems with losing toenails, but I have had some great blood blisters recently - really yukky when they burst!
  • Tmap - no. The RW injury section suggests the same thing with a needle but at this stage, I am happier to lose a nail. Though I have a pretty high pain tolerance, this one just doesn't appeal.
  • You can forget that hot needle lark! Eeek!

    Got one black one, one going black and one recovering from having been black - not had any drop off yet, maybe I need to run faster.
  • Do all black nails fall off? This could look bad in my flip flops this summer. Might even consider the paper clip if it avoided the loss!
  • In my non-extensive experience they don't necessarily fall off. I've got one that's growing out normally now and didn't fall off - looks pretty wierd in the halfway stage.
  • 3 and the relief when they eventually come off is bliss!!!!!
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    lost 4 earlier in the year - 2 big ones went first (result of NB road shoes banging them on a 1/2 marathon), followed by the 2 next to them (after Grim 8 - in NB trail shoes that seemed to have shrunk as no previous problems) have 4 lovely new nails - and no NB shoes!!
  • Out of 10 toenails, I have 3 good ones at the moment...the other 7 are in various stages of discolouration, looseness, absence, regrowth

    I paint them (and my toe if nail is absent) to avoid feeling ill when looking at my feet :(
  • Well that killed the thread nicely didn't it :)
  • I have 4 in various states of dead at the moment
  • I'm down to just the one very black toe nail now - I also need to keep them painted to disguise it! I've quite regularly lost both my big toenails after periods of discolouration, pain and schelching. I'm not doing that hot needle lark. Urgh. Toenail situation improved ENORMOUSLY though with a new pair of running shoes - up until then I'd blamed it on my ugly old feet. However Trinity - only 3 good nails? - I advise you PUT THOSE FEET AWAY - it is lunchtime after all!
  • Not lost any ... so far!
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