Isle of Wight Half-Marathon

am thinking about entering this one. Anybody done it before and if so how do you rate it ??


  • Right - I've just entered. Yes, I did it in 1998. All I remember is it was bleedin' hard! Some tough hills, and it was very hot!

    I understand the course now is pretty much the same but in reverse. Should make the finish a little easier, I think - but will still be a tough course without a doubt.

    Having said that, the location is pretty damned good! I seem to remember it was quite well supported - with members of the public putting on "unofficial" shower & drink stops.

    I think I'm looking forward to it!
  • I am thinking seriously about doing this - how hilly are we talking?!

    I have visited the area before so know that the area is beautiful and I have always wanted to run in the isle of wight (I come from Epsom, Surrey) it a popular race? I ask as my pb for the half marathon is fairly ok but it is obviously going to be slower if there shall be lots of hills to tackle - and I dont want to be left totally behind!
  • Have a look at - they have a race profile which shows all the hills.

    I think there's usually about 100-150 runners in it.

  • C'mon guys, you gotta do hills somewhere!!!

    PB's smeabees, go and enjoy yourself for the day.

    Too much Vino I fear.

  • I have no problem with hills - I just want to know what I have let myself in for!

    I have entered this race now. Roll on the 21st. If anyone sees a big bald bloke at the start line, looking more than a little nervous, then come say hi!

    See you there!
  • Hi guys. I'm also doing this one but can't decide whether to stay in Shanklin or Sandown (I know the race is in Sandown). Which is the best town anyone know?

    Oh by the way, my rule of thumb is: the more hills in the race, the more beer afterwards. I hope there's a beer tent.
  • shanklin is better sandown is more full of amusements etc
  • Cheers John, I hope there's a big field, but it doesn't look like if this thread is anything to go by.
  • Does anyone know if they have a baggage area? It would be handy and save me going back to my hotel for a dry t shirt.
  • TR - I'm pretty sure they do, as I'm sure I asked at some point. I can't find the e-mail, though!

    Probably best to e-mail the organiser, through the Ryde Harriers website ( - they are always very helpful.
  • GD, cheers mate, I'll drop them a line.
  • GD, Just had an e-mail from Ryde Harriers and yes they do have a baggage area. I also asked if we need ID for registration and no, we don't.
  • Just got home from the UK....THANK YOU EVERYONE from Ryde, Bristol, Gosport, Canada.....
    I had a wonderful time at the IOW half..even though the hills killed me. (also carrying luggage for the previous day and a half? twinging in my back from mile 7 on.....but I finished! And I am very glad to have done it. Next time I'm going to be better prepared for those damn hills.

  • is it really that hard? it will be my first half marathon.... i haven't committed yet! can anyone else recommend a good first half marathon? my partner is from IOW so i thought it would be a little holiday and a great challenge with all his family and friends there. i called the organiser and he advised there is a hill a the begining and another after 7 miles... 

  • Yes, it is that hard. It's probably even harder now that it starts and finishes in Ryde It's up and down nearly all the way round.
  • If you think that the IW is hilly and challenging, you want to try Cumbria. The Karrimor Great Trail Challenge was just that but if you are fit, you can hack it. I did and I'm a novice 47 yr old weekend runner!

  • I did this run last weekend, and it was certainly quite a tricky one.  The weather was extremely hot, for a start, and the course features a fair number of hills – some of which are distinctly unpleasant (including the one at the very beginning).  The are a few flat bits where you can try to get what remains of your breath back, and the last quarter of a mile or so is all downhill – but it's still a pretty challenging course.

    The start was rather chaotic, and there are only "gun" times recorded, so if you want an accurate time, bring your own timing device along.  The run was pretty well marshalled, but I felt that there wasn't enough water available for such a hot day.  I shall probably do it again, but (echoing Sportcat above) next time "I'm going to be better prepared for those damn hills".

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