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hay guys, im 18 and a bit of a "spur of the moment guy" i wanna go to the airport friday morning with a suitcase of clothes and take a one way flight. I wanna go somewhere new get a job a flat (ive never been abroad). I just wanna get up and go! anyone goy any any any tips?

All apreciated



  • im gonna run away from home and travel the WORLD.

    please help me!
  • Blimey!!!

    cant you just get a bus to the next stop for now ??

    sorry not much help am I !!

  • It helps if you have a bit of money, why not get a job, save up and then go?

    As a mum, I think it would really, really upset me if my son suddenly packed his bags and left home, so please talk things over with your parents.
  • echo Jane M, it's not that easy.

    do a bit of research, find out about the places you want to go, and save save save

    and once you have enough money and plans enough to keep safe while you are travelling, go and send us postcards
  • Go work for a charity for a year building schools in Timbuctoo or somewhere else hot and desperate for mad 18 year olds looking for adventure.

    You'd be doin something constructive for the people u r helping and it would look fab on ur CV for the future. Hell of an experience too I should imagine.
  • Its always wise to give things a little thought before you go jumping in at the deep end. However, don't think about it too much otherwise inertia will gradually pull you down.

    Why not do the following (if you have some cash):

    1. Book some cheap flights with Ryanair / Easyjet and go and try out a few places.

    2. Buy an interrail pass and go spend a few months travelling around Europe.

    Some more advice.

    Why not take a mate with you? Travelling with a chum makes even the tough times seem like a laugh.

    I'm not a big fan of the 'get-a-new-life' type "throw in your job and go and knit yoghurt" I'm more of a pragmatist.

    Having left the UK in 1999 for Germany, we're now about to relocate to Australia.

  • You could try posting on the lonely planet forum...

    lonely planet

    Plenty of ideas on there. (And you might even find someone equally nuts to be a travelling companion?)
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