Theale 10K - Sat 24th

Some of us are doing this race. Anyone else interested

Those in

Dog Walker
Mrs Dog Walker
Mr Redhead?
Blue Knees


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Naughty Blue Knees!

    Mr Redhead said something very rude when I told him you'd included him. Actually he ran the Liverpool Marathon 20 years ago (what a crumbly) but has not run since. I keep trying to get him to join me but, in fairness to him, he can't commit to regular sessions because of work. You can give him lots of stick though!!!!!!
  • I did add the question mark. If he can run a marathon then he's a better runner than me. Will be good to see you both. I think I'm number 16, not necessarily where I'll finish
  • Mrs DW is number 53 and I am 54 I think.

    As this is Mrs DW's first ever race, we will be taking it quite easy, so expect us in somewhere between 60 and 70 minutes.
  • I know a good country pub locally if you all want to meet up afterwards
  • Definitely!
  • Great I bring some maps. My round this time, I'll remember to bring some money with me
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Ooh goody, can we come too? I won't be drinking 'cos I'm driving but Mr R will oblige, I'm sure!

    I'm number 52 and I'll be somewhere near Mr & Mrs Dog Walker around the 60 minute mark (fingers crossed). Good luck to Mrs DW as it's her first race.

    Hope it isn't too hot. See you all there.
  • Redhead,

    52, 53 and 54 could all be coming in together then!?

    Look forward to meeting you.
  • The offer was open to all Redhead.

    This race is more or less as local as I can get.

    Anyone else out there tempted. Its very easy to get to from the M4 and with a limit of 200 you won't have people getting under your feet
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    daft question - when is it , I suppose I could check on the URWFRC website...
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I suppose I could look at the title of the thread , Doh !

    If I can wangle an hour out I may see you there , but I doubt it - its the only 'free' ie non running weekend in my house for about a month and with Tiny D's first birthday next week I'm sure Mrs D may have plans for the family......
  • I could have swore I replied to this yesterday. Dustin it would be good to see you there tomorrow. Its more that just a race as its run by the Hortecultural Society so bring the kids along.

    How are the rest of you feeling about it?

    Phil done any running since Sunday?
  • Hi BK,

    I'm looking forward to it immensely. Went for an easy 4.5 miles on Tuesday and a quickish 5 on Wednesday, but then played cricket on Wednesday night and aggravated a hip problem a little bit. Shouldn't give me too much trouble tomorrow though.

    Mrs DW is looking forward to her first ever race as well, although she is a little nervous about it and is worried about the threat of the hills!!! I'll make sure she gets round, but if any of you meet us tomorrow morning (one of us will be wearing the URWRFC T-shirt!), please give her plenty of encouragment and reassurance!

    How about yourself BK?

    Are we planning to meet up before the race at all, even if it's just a loose arrangement? I got the map, but what is the name of the pub we are meeting in afterwards?

    What sort of time targets has anyone got? We are expecting to be between 60 and 70 minutes.

  • I might pop along tomorrow and cheer you lot on - depending on weather/traffic etc - as it'll give the kids something to do...and I think I'm right in thinking that the Nike Training Van is going to be there, so I can try on some new shoes, hmmm nice!
  • I've done no exercise whatsoever this week and feel really guilty. This takes tapering to a fine art. I'm aiming for 45-50 because I don't know what to expect.

    The pubs in a little village called North Street but I can't remember what its called.
    We go there occasionally because its good for Thomas (fence around the garden). I would meet up at where we sign on because its only a small field and should be easy to meet

    Would be nice to see you all Fraggle if you can make it. Get away from the mayhem that is currently Caversham
  • Okay, will look out for you around the start. We are hoping to arrive at about 10:30am.

    Having checked, the pub looks like it is called The Thatcher's Arms. Does that sound familiar? I also noticed on the list that there is a pub called 'The Lamb' in Church Street! No other forumite-related pubs that I saw though!

    Look out for us if you make it fraggle.
  • The Thatchers Arms is indeed the name of it.

    I think the race is only allowed 200 so no trouble meeting.

    See you there and tell Mrs DW not to worry
  • I have been telling her! She'll be fine, but she has the same irrational fear that most people running their first race has...coming last!!!!!!! At least if we do struggle and I run with her, I can let her through in front of me!!!

    I'm sure we'll do alright...
  • will cheer you all on if I go.....I seem to be saddled with the kids from hell today, they're both tired, the 18 month old keeps tripping over and interfering with the 4 year old's grand prix games.....I think I might just leg it myself soon

    good luck if I don't see you
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Guys,

    I've got aching hips from horse riding on Wednesday - I did loads of leg strengthening exercises in the saddle and am still feeling it! Looking forward to tomorrow though.

    DW tell Mrs DW that before my first 10k (Jubilee in London) I was convinced I would fall over and be laughed at by everyone AND come last. I did neither and really enjoyed it. I've run one more since then and now I don't care if I come last, at least I'll have tried. Tell her she can walk if the going gets too tough and that there's no shame in it, in fact a lot of people swear by it.
  • Fraggle,

    The thought of looking after a tired 4 year old and a tired 18 month old is making the prospect of 6 hilly miles of terrain running wholly pleasant!!!!

    Hopefully see you.
  • what time does this race start?

    i've got to get to london for noon, but if it's an 0930 i might be in... (and do they have late entries Very imprtant)
  • It starts at 11:30 I'm afraid WWR, so you'd have to have serious runs to get around and into London by 12!
  • Shame you can't make it WWR. Can't you cancel the meeting !
  • daughter's birthday treat - a trip into town to see the lion king matinee etc etc

    i could cancel it and then i'd never have to bother about family commitments ever again!!
  • How about daughter's birthday treat...seeing her daddy run in the Theale 10K?!

    Lion King, lion schming!
  • true, true.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi BK and the Dog Walkers (sounds like a pop group!) and Mrs BK and Junior BK,

    It was really nice to meet you all on Saturday and I enjoyed having BK's company on the last 2k - it's probably the one and only time I'll be able to say that I ran alongside a 45min 10k runner!

    I had a disastrous long run yesterday; went out feeling great, intending to do 100 mins. After 3 miles my left knee started playing up (old riding injury), by 4 miles I was limping and then I met the runner I always dread - a sprightly 20 something who runs with a local club. He offered encouragement by telling me that I'll never get around my 1/2M running so slowly. I smiled sweetly and hoped that he wouldn't spot the dog poo I'd just seen in the longer grass! At 5 miles I gave up and walked home feeling like the worst runner in the world. Thankfully Mike was on hand to mop up the tears and offer encouragement in the form of chocolate. I've now decided to rest my knee for a couple of days and miss out my long run this week - I think I must have overdone my training in the last couple of weeks (silly old woman!).

    Good luck to Emma with her training for the Windsor 1/2M and see you in Portsmouth BK.

  • Hi Susie, meeting up with you all cheered me up after the disaster that was the Theale 12K. We enjoyed the chat afterwards, hopefully BK junior wasn't too much.

    It was really nice to meet Mike, you'll have to get him out and running again.

    Sorry to hear about that knee. I think rest is certainly a good idea. Perhaps you should become Redhead with Blue Knee. I could probably lend you one of mine for the GSR.

    Take no notice of annoying kiddies, you will get round Windsor, and at your own pace, and will be able to feel justifyably proud of yourself.

    Twas a pleasure to run with you. Congrats to Mrs Dog Walker on her first 10k
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