I have been jogging/running for about 4 weeks now and I will be doing a 10k in April. I can easily manage around 20mins jogging without getting breathless and tired.
Could someone please suggest a suitable schedule to get me up to around a 50min 10k time within 16 weeks. Thankyou :-)


  • Hello Youre back
    Dont mind the darkside, really
    10k will be fine
    Lots of schedules on this website, but dont worry about time for your first, just enjoy the race
  • Agree with hippo, there are lots of schedules on this site or do a search using google. Good luck in your first race!
  • I'm no expert (been running about 4 months) but before my first 10K last November (50:40), I was running about 3-4 times a week at 3 or 4 mile distances at various paces, then built up to a 6 mile (or 10K in new money!) once every 10 days or so. So it seemed to work OK for me, but everyones different!
  • I agree with Hippo too. I used a RW schedule when I first started and it worked fine. Just enjoy your running and lap up the atmosphere of your first 10k race. They're great fun. Enjoy it and best of luck.
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