New Year's Day Session

What: annual club NY run along the coastal paths - about 14 miles. It's my first one and I'm looking forward to it :)
Why: see above

Last hard: Monday
Last rest: today

Happy New Year, all :)


  • Hi Wee Piglet,
    Happy New Year Too!
    What : don't know yet, Still too early for me!
  • happy new year!!!!!!!!
    speedwork for me
    treat in the gym
  • Happy new year, where are you Psi?

    what: something steady, 7 miles I think
    why: that *@!%ing schedule again

    last hard: today, I mean yesterday
    last rest: Monday

    No more whisky for me, ever again.

    I love you all - you are the best forumites ever!!
  • Happy New Year!!

    What a night........

    What: most definitely nothing. Might go for a walk later if the rain stops.
    Why: decided to do my long run tomorrow instead of Sunday, so need a complete rest thr day before.
    Last hard: yesterday's hills
    Last rest: today
  • Happy New Year all

    Weather here looks better than expected.

    what: recovery run of some description
    why: as per the current schedule for Wednesday

    last hard day: Tue (I suppose)
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • happy new year one and all.

    what : schedule says interval speed sesssion but in view of last night, nowt.
    why : ow!
    last hard : christmas eve
    last rest : today.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Yesterdays 8miler went well - just under an hour - so today I'm planning the next 4 months training.

    Today - 3 mile easy jog
    Why - long (10-12mile) run tomorrow & x-c race on Sunday looming


  • Speedwork
    happy new year
  • am: 1.5 hrs longish run done in very bad rain & wind. Glad to be back indoors.
    pm: 4-5M easy [probably in the rain]
    Why: not at work & Cliffe Temple & my own combined marathon training plan.
    Last hard: yesterday 5 x 5min,
    Last rest: 12 days ago.

    Big Tim
  • Happy New Year everyone.

    What : easy 30 minutes
    why : have done nowt for a couple of days

    Last hard : ??
    last rest : yesterday, day before yesterday, day before day before yesterday...

    Gotta get more disciplined!

  • Been and done it:

    What: 6 miles very steady.
    Why: get confidence back.

    First run of any length at all since the beginning of december. Nearly didn't start due to a sacroiliac joint false alarm. Went very very gingerly at first, but worked into it ok.

    Saw lots and lots and lots of mud (or did I run in the stream bed?) and one kingfisher.
  • Nice to see you posting again Stickless, and happy new year to everyone. Hope the weather starts to improve soon.
    What: 6 miles @ 75% whr. in freezing cold drizzle. Lovely start to the year's running! The lanes are flooded in several places.
    Why: supposed to be marathon pace, don't know where I am this week with my schedule.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Now need to plan my 10 mile 1/2m pace run as per thread the other day.
  • Happy New Year!

    What: Just over 3.5 miles @ 7 minute mile pace.

    Why: Its once round the block from the village. Heavy rain, the ford is very high and the lanes are floode in several places - fun! Passed a large group of ramblers and almost managed not to splash them.

    Last Rest: Yesterday I suppose as I ended up concreting and fixing a leaky roof instead of running.

    Next hard: Sunday's XC race
  • HNY everyone, and all that nonsense.

    What: Nothing.
    Why: Raced yesterday, and got a sniffle/sinus thing today (n.b. NOT a hangover!).
    Hard: Yesterday - botched pace, all but killed myself keeping going (cue violins).
    Rest: Day before.

    Well done, Stickless, here's hoping the progress continues.
  • Hi,
    I wasn't as brave as some of you, waited until it stopped raining!

    What: my"route 1" in 32 mins, hard session
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Happy New Year !
    Hi stickless nice to see you back.
  • "where was I?!" out partying! where do you think i was? ;)

    needless to say today is a running write-off ;)
  • Greetings!!

    What a great start to the New Year, wind, rain and puddles upto my THIGHS!!!

    What: 11km off road run, very tough conditions, the puddles came upto my thighs, the hills were muddy as hell, and the wind was very hard, oh and its still raining.

    Why: off road day

    Last Hard: yesterdays run was harder due to pace, but today was hard due to conditions.

    Happy New Year to all!!
  • What: 1 Mile Warmup, 4 Miles (1 min hard, 2 min easy), 800m easy, 800m fast finish

    Why: Taper for XC this weekend

    Last Hard: Today, due to grim conditions. I was wearing road shoes when the park was really more suited to spikes! Still, hopefully it'll work to my benefit, as I like choppy XC courses, due my strength, but lack of speed. This should make it CHOPPY!

    Last Rest: Friday

    Signing out, to see LOTR, T2T,
  • Wow! Amazing NY's Day run with the Club! Turned out to be closer to about 16 miles, along the coastal path, the river and then actually the sandhills (i.e. in real soft sand!), through the pinewoods and home along the dune path next to the coast road. Then to the Fisherman's Rest pub for some urgent carboloading (bitter - yum!) and several increasingly drunken games of pool :-)

    This is my first year in a club - in fact, I only joined a few months ago - and it's one of the best things I ever did! Anyone out there feeling coy about joining a club - just go for it!

    Sigh... What fun :-)

  • Happy New Year everyone.
    I did the Cleethorpes New Years Day 10k today. It was very wet, but despite this there was a good turnout.
  • I did a nice, easy 2 miler today in the pouring rain, in a park next to a flooded river. Ahhh!
  • 6.32 miles
    hard horrible
    Done now
  • What: 9 miles very steady in ca 82 mins

    Why: On the marathon training programme as a mid week medium to longish run but took it steady after yesterday's speed work and late night

    Last hard day: Yesterday

    Last rest day: Monday

    Happy New Year all

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    No running for me today -
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Mon
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    What: 8 miles steady, 72 mins

    why: should have been 10 but running first time in new shoes (Adidas response control) so thought I would do a shorter run, seem like good shoes although they seem a tad smaller than equal size (9.5) of my Nikes.

    last hard: friday

    last rest: saturday and sunday.

    Just glad to get back to normal after missing a couple of runs over the xmas festivities.

    Happy new year.

  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    A bloke says to me while out running this aft, "your taking the p**s running today arnt ya" he had a red nose and looked suitably refreshed.

    I mentioned this in the hangover thread, sorry if you are reading this again......

  • 4.2 miles wheeling my bike, counting the number of times the front wheel went round, and writing down the running total every time I passed a worthwhile landmark (such as a lamppost). Then subsequently measured the circumference of the front wheel.
    Yes, I was out measuring the length of some of my courses. A suitably sad start to 2003.

    Subsequently, 5 miles rather slow in 35:18. Used my older Sauconys - experienced pain in right shin while out (not gone yet). Also hamstring that side is now pretty tight. Don't know why.
  • Take a day or two off Mike, you're sounding tired. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but it's always worth being cautious occasionally. Take care!

    Some good runs again today guys and after a heavy night!!
  • happy new years!:

    what: nothing
    why?: ritualistic trip to aunties in londonderry city.

    mike, take a bath, worked wonders for me last few nights when i was sore after a hard speed session.

    last hard: mondays speed session.
    last rest: today
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year everyone!

    First time I've run on new year's day, despite not feeling 100%

    What: 8.4 miles steady
    Why: not quite sure as I had planned to do about 5 miles.
    Last hard day: Monday
    Last rest day: Sunday

    Mike, you can buy special equipment for your bike that does exactly the same thing while you're riding it!
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