Speed work

On tuesday I will be doing my first proper speedwork from RW schedule:

My speed is about 10k/h
My session will be : 4M (inc 3x600m,200m jog)
I was thinking for the 3x600m to do 11.5k/h.
Do you think that's the right speed or too slow?
Any comments welcome!
Thank You.


  • 1/2m Girl,

    If this is your first speed work session just start comfortable & run fast but not too fast. Don't worry about pace it's not going to be that important. The fact that your upping your speed will make you faster weather you like it or not.
    Then on your next session you can aim to run them in the same or faster. If you keep doing this type of session you speed will be getting quicker over the next few weeks & months. You don't want to get stuck at a speed to slow now do you!

    Your new years resolution could be to join a club.

    A happy new & speedy year.

  • Then on your next session you can aim to run them in the same
    time [missing word from above]
    or faster
  • Thanks outrunning on new years day,

    I tried once a speedwork session before & the next day my calf was hurting a lot.
    Is it normal or does it mean I over did it?

    Can't join the club yet as the other runners goes after work & it 's too early for me (I've got young children) and also they are a lot faster than me!

    Happy New Year!
  • speed work on your own is very boring.Join a club it will motivate u + push u much harder
  • [Quote]
    I tried once a speedwork session before & the next day my calf was hurting a lot.
    Is it normal or does it mean I over did it?

    Your legs are doing things that they are not used too, ie running!!!!!!!
    They will ache, you will feel tired, this is normal. I still do.
    As a general guide:
    if both legs feel the same it's probably the training effect, just take it easy for a couple of day's.
    If one leg is a lot worse than the other it could be a little more serious but this does not necessarily mean you are injuried, again just take it easy for a couple of day's. Most runners do!
    When you know your body better you will be able to tell if your training hard enough or need a rest but it will take time.

    Good luck with the speed session & let me know how you feel afterwards.

  • Thanks again outrunning...day. Will let you know!

    speedynot, I'd love to join the club as I know most of the runners anyway but can't! Time, Time, Time.I am looking for a Running Partner(s) but no luck so far!
  • Cant join a club
    they are all too fit in cardiff:(
  • You might be surprised at being made welcome hippo. Most clubs offer a welcome to all abilities, give a few a ring.
  • Hi Tim,

    Did the speed session earlier on the treadmill, I think I messed up (see other thread on"training"), next week would have to do it faster I suppose!

    No aching so far!
  • Stourbridge have emailed me already, and said there is a ady of my speed
    cardiff is too fit, will have to wait till April
  • Hi there 1/2M girl!

    I am terrible at speed sessions i hate them infact and i avoided them for the first year of running. I found that my local running club wasn't for me but I wanted to get quicker. I found the best way to incorporate speed is to work it into a run of say three hilly miles where you blast up all the hills or on a longer run go slow for the first ten minutes and then incorporate burst of speed push yourself really hard on the last 8oo metres . I Know this isn't technical but it has really worked for me.
    I await criticism from the experts
  • thats fartlek innit
  • Yeah what ever name you wanna call it fartlek..interval...working your ass off
  • focused speed work is great. you'll see a bom in your speed and performance


    therefore you benefit doubly through speedwork.

    the feeling i get when i run speed sessions is for the first half of the repetition i'm not so much comfortable, as able to keep the speed comfortably, the pain is psychological. then for the next quarter i feel the lactic acid building, and the final quarter is the give it nearly all you've got(so you'll still be able to do the next set). and then you get a short recovery which is surprisingly welcome and useful.

    find a friend to run your speed sessions with you, it's unmotivational alone and you may not have the drive to finish the sesison on your own motivation, as you can often mistake the unaviodable taxation and pain of the repetitions for complete exhaustion, leading you to stop.
    so, tips for speed sessions:

    1)join a club, the coach will always know what to make you do, cos he's te coach and everybody knows he's the boss.
    2)get a friend/group if you don't join the culb
    3)ALWAYS FINISH THE SESSION unless you collapse and can't move from the pain(which would indicate youre not sectioning your training effectively)
    4)engineer your speed work to your specific training, ie different sessions for different trainings such as marathon or 10km
    5)vary the session you do, don't do all 800m reps or 200m reps, as you won't be rounded and complete in your training.

    i guess you already knew this though, i didn't mean to sound patronising if i do.

    enjoy, and the pain is a good thing, as ORONYD said, as long as it isn't intense for prolonged periods. keys tipe to aviod the pain, take a bath about 3 hours after the session, and a shower directly after. then stretch down after the session and lightly after thebat(when you're very warm and flexible)

    again, enjoy,

  • Well done 1/2 marathon girl!!!!!!!
  • Hi all,
    Cheekymonkee, when I can run outside my route is "undulated", I tried to go up keeping the same speed whenever I can! I am working on it. I think I need more practise!

    Belfast Phil,
    I think I might have increase my speed without realising.Over xmas & NY, the gym was closed & my partner was home so I run outside instead.
    Last night was my fist night back on the treadmill, that's why I thought I used my Treadmill speed & do the seed work based on that. Maybe when I ran outside I was running faster(probably because it was so cold!).
    Anyway, will do my speed work outside now, can't do with Treadmill anymore.New Year, New Rule: treadmill: for Emergency only.

    Thank You very much for your help & support.
  • 1/2 Marathon Girl,
    I'm glad your going to run outside. Lets face it how many races do you run on a treadmill.
    Can if imagine if everybody turned up to the London marathon with treadmill in tow!!!!!!
  • One thing I have noticed round me is that female runners are often to be seen early in the morning and male runners in the evening. I suspect this may be for personal security. This is something you need to bear in mind on these dark nights.

    Having said that the last time somebody apprached me in a felonious manner in the dark I ran off (Obviously).

    PS slight name change
  • B Tim,
    I understand what you're saying but as a
    beginner I have found Treadmills very helpful.
    I have learn the basic of running eg;speed, hill training, flat, different % incline....

    Now I can really appreciate running oustside & I am looking forward for some snow!
  • Eddy, Steady Eddy,
    I wish I could run in the morning but can't apart on sundays.
    Last friday went out running at 5pm, after 10mins I got whisttle, beep and some Hellllllloooo from a couple of teenagers.
    I thought that was funny but after a few months might get annoying!
    I suppose male runners don't get that or if they do they might enjoy it?

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I'd like to think I'm a afirly experienced runner, but I benefit from doing timed intervals/reps on the t/mill.
    (Yesterday did 10*400m at my 5k pace).This ensures that reps are at even pace and you do the lot.
    The trick I think is to perhaps start doing them at a slower pace (ie not 5k/10k but say target 10milepace), but ensuring you do the full set at the same speed.Once this is easy (?!) then increase the speed.

    Rep progress is gradual but the results become apparent soon enough.
    Sorry if this has already been said, I've only 'skim read' the other posts.....
  • Sophie, Can you not run in the morning kids because of etc... or is it a case of not being a morning person. I was never a morning person and now I have forced myself to run in the morning and it is fantastic. It is so peaceful and there are no teenagers up at that time. I love watching the sun rise and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I highly recommend it.

  • Soph

    You would be surprised, when running home I have been bipped and whistled by men in white vans. It must my cute buns. I wasn't impressed though - it wears thin I am sure. Why do kids of today have to be so cheeky?
  • Im crap at speedwork
    So it must be good for me
    its so HARD
    My idea of speed is 400m at 10kph, or 200 m at 11kph
    I certainly cant do 3x 9 min miles that the schedule suggests
  • Hi all,
    can't run in the morning because of my 2 little ones, but if I could I am no sure I would anyway!
    I am looking for a different route as last night went out again & I didn't like it at all. Cars everywhere, hard to overtake people on the pavements....

    That must be nice to see the sun rise in the morning, sun set could also be nice on the top of the hill.

    Steady Eddy, were you running with bobby's hat and thight short by any chance???

    Sorry, I was just joking!

    Hopeful Hippo, at least you are doing it properly, so will I next tuesday(I hope). See how to get on next time & you might be nicely suprised!

    Cheers Dustin, I always like different opinion or same opinion but explain differently and then I can make my own mind.
  • 1/2m Girl

    I always take my bobbies hat off when I run after 'em. None escaped yet since 1980.
  • Is it how you work on your speedwork session?
  • Its one way, but its difficult to plan into your schedules. The competition's speed and duration is also affected by their intake of substances.
  • hi can anyone help
    last year i did 3:08 in london
    want to go nder 3hrs doing speed work 10 x 1000 reps in 3:30s can i do it
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