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  • I would def have taken the money and so would everyone else in that house!
  • Enjoyed seeing the Cromer Whinger take the walk of shame!
    Just for one awful moment, I thought it was going to be Makosi going to the diary room instead of Eugene. Good for him. A brave decision on his part. I just hope they dont try and make him feel guilty. He's going to get the other 50k anyway!
  • Bit odd that last night after five years of winner takes all.

    From what Davina was saying, he didn't know the prize money would double if he turned the dosh down, so it was basically £50k guaranteed versus the possibility of £100k (Anthony seems to be bookies' favourite by miles). Must have taken a lot of balls.

    I was actually expecting him to turn it down after the tea and cakes versus getting Makosi out of the cage thing the other day. He does seem very principled about "doing the right thing".
  • Wow - just checked the BB website, and Eugene's odds have changed - seems like he's now favourite.

    Anthony has been bitching about Eugene taking the money as well, which I suspect won't endear him
  • Nearly forgot that quote from Craig - "I'm exuberated"
  • I'm so annoyed...I missed the moment when Craig found out he was out....would have loved to have seen that!

    Yes, Eugene did the right thing....everyone else would have done exactly the same (except maybe Makosi, cos she is so damned sure she's gonna win anyway...did you see her saying "I have a golden, I'm more valuable that than"...what a git she is)
  • I'm with you on that one TD.

    I'm chuffed that Eugene grabbed the dosh!

    OK this is how I'd like this carp show to end:

    First out: Makosi - who does she think she is?

    Then: Kinga - what is this thing?

    Then: Eugene - a total drip but you gotta feel sorry for him

    The winnner: Anthony - the best of an incredibly bad lot!
  • yep..sounds about right, Wolfy - tho now I'm thinking Eugene to win, cos Anthony has been complaining about him taking the money.
  • mmm yes he has and he and Mokosi both lied out of the back of their teeth when they said that they'd turn it down.....yeah right!

    "Makosi would you like £50k?"

    "No thank you because it would spoil the fun of Friday's final" thinks not!
  • ant to win! makosi must go now, she thinks she is something special and that everyone else is beneath her aaaargh, not even sure she be in BB considering she on working visa....
  • ...but Makosi is an "actress" and is probably already earning more than £50,000.

    News story.
  • They reckon Makosi may have been a paid actress to go in! They are investiating at the mo!

  • Oops soz dodge!
  • an actress certainly, to be honest, i think she is just another desperado wanting to be famous hence the agent....she is just so damn arrogant, i used to quite like her and thought she could prob win, thought she v pretty as well, but my views have changed big time, just goes to show, beauty comes from within...
  • I agree santababy. I think she is a nightmare and I'd have punched her lights out by now I reckon!

    I hope that she loses and nobody invites her for interviews etc and she walks away with nothing.

    She reckons she's looking forward to going back to her nursing job...yeah right! she's been sacked hasn't she?
  • i'd be scared if she was nursing me after all that nonsensical stuff re:her pregnancy, stupid bint out out out
  • an sexy Anthony to win


    i am soo shallow
  • Makosi out first, then Kinga - really not sure who'll win out of Anthony and Eugene

    The bookie on BBLB was saying that the fight with craig had harmed his chances - personally I was cheering him on all the way!!

  • and how much provocation can one man take?
    can't believe it took him so long

  • I saw the bit where Eugene took the money again...poor Anthony is so thick he just couldn't grasp that Eugene didn't know that if he left it the fund went up to £200K. He kept saying "I'd have booted it straight oop to 200"
  • Just get Makosi out first, please. Awful, awful person and I sincerely hope she disappears without a trace rather than adorning the magazine/newspaper racks for months to come. Personally, I'd love it if Kinga won - it would make a mockery of the entire show and the looks on the other contestants faces would be absolutely priceless. My sensible head says Eugene though.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    agree with XFR, eugene or anthony to win. personally think eugene won it over weekend with a massive influx of sympathy votes after last weeks tears. thats when most people will have tuned in and phoned straight away.

    having to tape tonight so watchign in morn. i cant wait to see that makosi get the boot. shes got a bigger ego than any bloke i know.
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  • I reckon Eugene will get it after last night. He was obviously genuinely torn up by the £50k thing and I think if it was in the balance, that'll clinch it for him.
  • Reckon so; least he is genuine.

    I hope Makosi is as convinced as can be that she'll win it, then when she doesn't it'll be 'TV Gold'. I hate her.

  • I don't see how she can be that convinced...didn't she hear the booing when Davina mentioned her name?
  • Her ego's so humungous that she's probably oblivious to it. Vile.

  • I think that Anthony may have ruined any chances he had left in the diary room saying that he would definitely have left the money so the prize fund went up. Obviously because he didnt understand as TD pointed out. I know he did finally get it in the end but still.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    lying buggers arent they, you'd def take the money if you didnt know about the £200k (which eugene didnt).

    apparently 'the weave' came out yesterday. bit skanky.
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  • I was surprised to find that her head didn't fill the entire Afro.
  • i've voted twice today for Ant, never ever voted in anything before so he better bloody win!Don't think Eugene deserves to win cos of his media connections, everyone was doing mad when it came out vanessa (who!) new marco but know one has said much about Eugene knowin Cameron and Federico (BB4)he used to work in Beat106, radio station in glasgow so has connections...
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