Bony lump on side of foot

I have noticed that just below and slightly forward of my ankle I have a bony lump on my left foot. My right foot is completely flat in this area and when I look down at my feet you can clearly see the difference.
When I press it there is some slight soreness - I am not aware of it when I am running, although is does ache a bit after a long run(10K)

I have only been running for 6 months and average around 5 - 10 miles a week with one long run.

Someone at work said it might be a spur, however from surfing I am not so sure.
Can anyone advise me a)on what it is b) who would be the best injury specialist - a podiatrist?


  • I think you need to up your miles per week
  • !!!

    you could go and see your GP too - although its probably nothing to worry about

    a regular podiatrist or chiropodist would be able to give you information
  • Over 40- have it checked if worried, as above.
    Sounds similar to what I have (harmless)- appeared suddenly when I was in my teens, (I freaked until my Mum told me she has exactly the same thing) never went away, gets slightly sore if I wear shoes which create too much friction on it for running or wrong walks, as you described. Not sure what sort of doctor to go to, maybe GP first?
  • Sounds like a ganglion - harmless and will go away of its own accord. Usually caused by pressure.

    I had one on the top of my foot just under the tongue of the show - it disappeared when I started lacing my shoes differently. It was there for a couple of months though.
  • Thanks for all the advice. Will probably go and see my GP first - before I shell out any money on a specialist.

    The Future - whats the relevance of upping my weekly mileage?

  • hes just taking the p - ignore it
  • Thought as much Buney - hence the veiled sarcasm

    Funny I thought this forum was supposed to be a source of help. First time I 've come across being slammed by an expert!
  • "expert" ?

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