Puzzle Monsters


pop the above into your browser and have a go at the puzzles on the site.

Wow my head hurts........


  • any one done the crimson room, i can get to the safe but none of the codes work ,, any one
  • you have to get a code from another site. Can't remember the address, but it's something to do with the Yellow Room.
  • there's the url written on a piece of paper in the drawer
  • what next

    opened box got 3 keys, url
  • ive got the code from other site tried ever variation of the code but still nothing.
  • the idea is, that you're supposed to crack it yourself, but...

    under the pillow, then by the headboard.
    under the drawers
    the side of the bed next to the wall (it takes some time to click it just right)It is a while since I've done it, but i think it's a metal stick of some kind.
    the fruit bowl
    open and close the curtain several times
    in one of the drawers is a cable for the cd player. attach, then open the cd slot.
    put the rings in the top of the box, do the same with the metal bar.
    play the cassette inside the box
    when the film plays, there is a place to click. I've had it confirmed I've got the right place, but after trying about 50 times, and being no more than 1mm away each time, I gave up.
    Good luck
  • cant find the other battery :o(
  • its at the bottom end of the bed
  • I hate you all - I'm going to be stuck in the room all night as I won't give up or accept clues!
  • arrggg have just read all your notes and still am in the room!
  • thanks GD-i cant hit the spot on the film!ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • I've given up on the red room - that spot is impossible.
    Anyone done the green room - further annoyance

    but so addictive
  • You don't need to click while the film is playing, you click on that spot on the wall after the film has disappeared (clicking does make the film stop, and then click again without moving your mouse).
    Then the safe appears in the wall.
  • Anyone done the blue room?
  • im out at last
  • roo's any tips 4 green room
  • That was fun!

    Would probably have given up in annoyance without the hints though.
  • OK annoyed wi' green room now!
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