Decided while out for a run today that I love hills!! ;0)

You get a great sense of achievement when you reach the top of them: Running down the other side reminds me of being a kid and fleeing down the steepest hill I could find in my roller boots totally out of control, not knowing how I was gonna stop when I got 2 the bottom, FAB!


  • I like the pain of pushing hard on a pace run when you are climbing but tend to suffer a bit coming down the other side - you have to be careful of those old knee joints at my age ;)
  • love 'em. I do a 2xweekly session of 12 reps of a 300m hill - 55secs up, 2 mins down. Much prefer it to the flat 6x1k session because I find it hard to concentrate that hard for 3.5mins, but 55secs is okay
  • R u a Duran fan Blackers?

    I only ask cos I used have every square inch of my bedroom covered in Duran posters etc when I was a teenager, including the ceiling and the furniture. Was madly in love with Simon LeBon, not sure why, he hasn't aged to well, but there's no accounting for taste when ur a teenager. ;0)
  • Hills are great, probably becuase I am useless at even paced running.

    just come back form the Verdon Canyon trail race in the south of france. 8000 metres of climb(27,000 feet) , 8000 metres of descent, and in proper sun soaked weather. It doesnt get much better.
  • hills good. like overtaking on them and making it look easy (even though it's not!)
  • presuming its a looped course and not point to point, if you go up you must come down....and downs are almost speed for free.
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