Adidas Super Novas Cushion

Anyone think that the design of these has changed? I used to adore them and found them the most comfortable running shoe I had ever experienced. I bought the new Adistar model this summer for my first marathon after being advised they were like Supernova's (but better) and they are really uncomfortable! They have much harder soles and teh gel cushioning no longer cushions. Also the seam at the bottom of the laces is causing major bruising on the joint at the bottom of my right toe. My sister has had exactly the same problem. We used to be complete adicts but now have to find something else if we can't find sites that sell the older models. Anyone else experienced this? I am really disappointed.


  • Angela.....I think u have answered your own question . You do NOT have the supernova model you have the ADISTAR model . Adidas has 3 ranges . Response ; Supernova and Adistar . The current Adistar model was a progression of the older universal shoe not the Supernova . U should go back to the person who said "they were like Supernova's (but better)" and complain . Have a look on the gear tab for the shoe reviews ?
  • Thanks - I know the Adistar are different (but certainly not better!). I have tried the new Supernova's too, but am having the same problem with the new model (much less cushioning and harder soles). Oh well, will continue to search for the old model.
  • I haven't found much difference between the 2004 and 2005 versions of the supernovas other than the "Memory Foam" round the ankle on the 2005s which for me was a bonus .
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