Gore-tex trail/off-road running shoes


Can anyone recommend any waterproof trail/off-road running shoes for neutral runners


  • Hi Mike,
    I've heard mixed reviews most along the lines of "Water goes in, water stays in" Why not try a traditional model?
  • waterproof trail shoe?! whats the point of that. In my eyes the whole idea of going off road is in search of mud and wet stuff and generally having fun.
  • Terroc form inov8, they're brilliant :-))))))) but if u want water resistant why don't u try The Eagle Trail Gore-Tex from Asics, £100!!!

    HMG :-)
  • I've got a pair of Addidas Wannaka (careful how you ask for them). I wouldn't rave about them. The goretex bit it basically okay. When I've gone thigh deep in puddles my feet have got wet, but a lot less than non-waterproof ones. It did come out again. They make my feet a bit hotter. I was quite worried about getting goretex ones from what people had said, but decided to give them a go. However that bit of them has been fine. My main gripe about them is their grip. It's great on trails/paths etc, but show them some mud and it's pretty poor. Also they are not as low profile as my last off-roaders, so I've found them less stable and have wobbled over on my ankle a couple of times.

    If you run on tracks etc. they'll probably be fine, but muddy hills, no!
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