blister prevention tips please

I get lots of blisters. I only have to jog round the block and I get a new one. This isn't usually much of a problem (although my feet look horrid) but I've got a 100km race coming up and want to have some feet left at the end of it.
I've been trying lots of cream recently as I'd read that soft skin doesn't blister as easily as had, but it isn't helping so far.
I did cover my feet in vaseline before doing Tough Guy one year - I finished with record blisters.
Should I try hardening them up with surgical spirit, or just cover them in blister plasters before I start. I sometimes do this before I run, but they often fall off.
Can I have your top tips please


  • I am definitely no expert, but if you use Vaseline already, I can only think that maybe you should look at the socks and shoes you are wearing. I have recently started using the 'Falke' running socks and they are brilliant, very expensive though, but at the end of the day worth it.
    Have you also tried the Blisteze plasters, I used one once for a race and had a job getting the thing off!!!
    Anyway, hope you soon finds something that works for you.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    If your shoes are a bit roomy, try Thorlo's which are quite a thick sock with excellent towelling fabric around the heel and toes. My personal experience is that the towelling behaves better than some of the double skinned socks.

    Don't try and harden the skin as this can lead to painful splits and infections.

    Try covering the affected areas in surgical tape (stays put where plasters fall off) and cover the tape with vaseline before you run. A liberal sprinkling of talc will help keep the feet dry for longer a well.This has always worked for me. You'll find that trial and error will sort the problem eventually - even lacing the shoes up differently can also improve the situation.
  • trolling around these threads I realise that scotty is the very oracle of blisters, I wish I'd "met" you weeks ago!!

    The only thing I can ad is that for a really painful blister, if you must run, is to use those hydrocolloid plasters, I find boots the biggest and best, careful putting them on though, if the sticky rucks up you cant reposition.

    then tape across with the sugical tape, as I find the gel plasters ruck up on a run, and need replacing, which can be traumatic as they stick like glue even when rucked!!

    The instructions say leave in place for 3-7 days, bit of a laugh really, at £1.30-odd each, I suppose if you stayed in bed for a week they might stay put!

    Oh yes, and don't ever run with an unpricked blister on the weight bearing areas of your feet, they just get bigger!
  • I use Scholl blister plasters. They're hydrocolloid and seem to work well for healing blisters (about 5 quid for 5 and come in a neat carry case). As happyslug mentioned they are s'posed to remain in place for 2-3 days - no way :-) I use adhesive strapping tape my physio gave me which is seriously sticky and keeps the plaster in place. It's good for blister prevention as well.
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